About Me!

I'm Candi!  I live in Pearland along with my husband and my youngest daughter.  My oldest is off at college and loving her life. 
I'm training to do this Warrior Dash in Cedar Creek in November for two reasons. 

1. It gives me a goal to work toward in my fitness endeavor.
2. It's COMPLETELY unlike me and I'm sure those closest to me will think I've lost my mind.

I am inspired by my sister, Angie and my friend, Che.  Both of these amazing women
remind me that you can accomplish what you set your mind to. And by God, who you can do all things through as he gives you strength.

Update, November 2011

The Warrior Dash was a huge success, and I had so much fun.  It was so out of my box and comfort zone, but I feel stronger and more confident now.  I'm refocusing now on getting stronger by circuit training and continuing to train for the two half marathons in February

So I'm going from Warrior Princess to Halfer Princess.  And then probably Warrior Princess again. =)