Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekends are Entirely Too Short

We are a pretty boring family.  We really don't do too much on the weekends; but even so, I do love being home.  This weekend was a little more eventful, but still very laid back.

We started off by going to the local farmer's market in town.  I wasn't really sure what to expect because it's not very big, but it was pretty cool.  We started with a local organization's plant sale.  I have been wanting to grow some basil for quite some time now, so I thought what better time than the present.  I also spotted some cilantro, so I bought one of those as well.  Next up was a couple of tomato plants and one jalapeno  and we were good to go!

We also bought some fresh roasted coffee beans from a local coffee shop.  Yum!  I thought it would be a nice splurge for those weekend afternoon coffee binges.  Finally, there was a booth with Indian foods.  I'm not a huge fan of Indian cuisine, but they man was very friendly; and I ended up loving the  spinach and cheese samosas and paratha dip.  So I made out with quite a booty.  

Next up, there was a fun run and event called "Paws in the Park" going on at the park by our house.  We hit the jogging trail with our dog Daisy in tow to check it out.  It was quite a sight.  People from everywhere came out to have their dogs join these competitions.  We watched the Frisbee competition for a little while before trying to check out the expo.  Daisy would have nothing to do with it.  She was completely overwhelmed and was scared anytime another dog approached her.  So I stayed out in the open while the little one went to check out all the pups.  She entered this pug pin, and they loved her.  They surrounded her and licked her all over.  This one little guy just crawled up in her lap, and he stayed there for quite a while until she had to get up to move on.  

We walked back home, and  Daisy was completely worn out after that.  She slept the rest of the afternoon!

Today was a little more "vigorous" on the exercise side.  I tried to get the little one to play Just Dance with me, but she pooped out after about 6 songs.  Just when she was quitting, it was the perfect time for me to leave for Zumba.  This was my first real Zumba class in a month.  I wore good shoes, so I could fully participate; and boy was it fun!  None of my friends were there, but I still had a great time.  Part of the fun came from watching this one lady in class.  Now I'm all for giving it your own style, but seriously.  This lady may as well have just plugged in a CD at home and started dancing.  She was completely free styling it, and she had on one of those belly dancing skirts, so she was noisy too!  And not even necessarily on the beat.  It was almost like something you would see on YouTube, like that Russian guy in the speedo doing an exercise class.  Only he was following the class.

Later, I went for a quick run while the kiddo was getting her bath.  It was a little cold, but I warmed up quickly.  I used my phone's Map My Run app.  And it sucks.  I know where my half mile mark is, and I wasn't there when it told me I had run a half mile in 2 minutes.  LOLOLOLOL  Like that would EVER happen!  It was all jacked up.  When I reached my mile mark, it told me I had run 2.  It basically turned my 1.67 mile run into a 3.39 mile run at a 7 minute pace.  And this is why:

I don't know anyone who runs like this!
In the real world, my pace was just under 14.5; so I was happy with that. It was a good end to the weekend.  

Now the countdown starts until the next one.

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