Friday, March 22, 2013

Hit the Ground Running

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I've been very careful these past few weeks.  I've only exercised in ways that were low impact on my legs.  No running, no lunges, no squats, and no Zumba.  I've felt really good, or rather my legs have.  Dr. John suggested running mile repeats to get me back in the game, but since my Garmin is refusing to pick up satelites, this would be difficult.  Instead, I decided to take it slow and run 3:1 intervals.

My plan was to wake up and run to the rec center.  I could do a Zumba class, and then my friend Tammy would bring me home.  As I walked out to the trailhead, I was nervous.  I've missed running so much, but I am still very aware of the pain I was in and the pain I went through to get the issues worked out at the chiropractor.  I don't want to get back to that place, so I was sure to stretch very well before taking off. 

The first three minutes were hard, and I was scared that I had fallen back even further than I thought I would.  But after the first 1/2 mile, I started feeling better, and my breathing fell back into its natural rhythm.  Shortly thereafter, I crossed paths (litteraly) with some fellow RoadRunners.  That was pretty cool.

I am happy to say that there was no pain!  I didn't think my pace was very good, but I was just so happy to be out and running again, that I tried not to care.  I did say that I was going to take it easy, so I tried to just focus on the joy of the moment.

And then I came to the Bailey bridge.  How I love/hate that bridge, so I tried to focus on the fact that after I crossed it, I only had a little over half a mile to go.

After the last walk interval after the bridge, my iPod started playing "Some Nights" by Fun..  I love that song, and I love the line, "What do I stand for?"  In that moment, I stood for persevering and overcoming obstacles.  So I ran it in.

3 miles with a 15 minute pace.  I was happy with that.

I stretched quite a bit before going into Zumba, but I realized that I left my Zumba slip-on things at home.  So I half-assed the class.  I didn't dare risk trying to twist on the floor with my running shoes since running shoes really only like to move forward.  It was still fun.  But the best part was the run.  It felt great to be back out there.

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