Friday, February 22, 2013

Preparing to Rodeo

So, since the half, I've been in a bit of pain.  Some pain is normal, and I am used to pushing through.  After all, the legs either cooperate after mile 3 or they go numb.  Either way, I get to keep going.  But lately, the pain is different, and it's not good.  It's had me a little worried, not to mention I had blood drawn and my CRP levels are elevated, which means that there is inflammation in my body somewhere.  

All of this makes for a worried me.  

I signed up for the ConocoPhillips Rodeo Run last year on the day that registration opened. Then last month, a few ladies from work got caught up in the excitement and signed up to do the 5K Fun Run/Walk, so there has been lots of excitement in the air.  Except deep inside, I've been worried.  

My weekly runs (which haven't been frequent enough) have been painful.  It's a different pain, and with every step I feel like my bones are jarring.  What do I do?  I've rested enough to where there should be some relief, and yet Thursday, Kelly and I ran only 2 miles, and it was so uncomfortable.

I managed to go to see Dr. Hernandez today (my amazing chiropractor), and she suggested not running for a while.  Well, that would be devastating in itself, but I have this run tomorrow!!  I've got my packet and everything!!!

All kidding aside, I would have forgone the run if she said to; but instead, she agreed to try to get me fixed up.  All I had to do is promise her to stop immediately if every step continued to hurt.  

She worked me over, and got me all taped up and ready to go.  

Although I think my legs look like something out of a movie that I just can't name, the tape is amazingly comforting.  Walking out of her office, I felt like I could run right then; and I haven't felt that way in weeks.  That in itself was exciting.  

So, I'm getting ready for bed and ready to run.  We're meeting all the ladies at our work parking lot at 7 am and we'll be go for another adventure.  

I'm praying that it goes well.  For all of us.  =)