Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More Bridge Running

Saturday, August 4

I got kind of down this week about not being able to do the tri.  I let it affect me, and I slept in most days instead of getting up and going to the gym.  As I lay in bed on Thursday, I heard the voice say, "You get one more day.  That's it." 

I debated on going to Zumba on Friday, but I wanted to be fresh for my run on Saturday. 

As I got to the school where we were meeting, the full marathon groups were already running.  I parked and got closer to the track, andI could see my fellow road runners getting ready to run; and I met some of our new group members.  Kelly and I will not be alone anymore.  We have four new peeps in our group.  We are not Group 6 anymore either; we are Half Group A.  This morning though, we were a total of four, and we took off together.

The run was good.  My Garmin was dead, but Kelly's wasn't.  For the first half mile we stayed together, but then the other two pulled ahead of us.  I know Kelly could have kept up with them, too; but she stuck with me like she always does.  And it's not that I couldn't hang; I just know how to pace myself.  I knew that if I had to run for 80 minutes back and forth over that bridge, that I had to hold back in order to maintain.  With the pace we were assigned and then accounting for the heat like Coach always tells us to, I think we were right on target. 

Sure enough, we ended up catching up with them at the mile marker at mile 2.  So again, we took off together, and then they were ahead of us again.  But by the time we were at the next mile marker, we were passing them up.   We had 15 minutes left, so we made our way back to the school, and yet others were going back toward the bridge for another pass.  They have such awesome paces, they could do that and make it back by 7 for core exercises.

The core work was good.  I am getting better at holding planks, just not the side planks.  I hate them all.  But the other exercises aren't all that bad.  I'm going to have my little one do them with me in the evenings.  Maybe we can get stronger together. 

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