Saturday, August 25, 2012

If You're Sexy and You Know It...

...go to Zumba!!

I do love Zumba; and I was looking around the room last Friday, I could tell a lot of other girls do too!

Sometimes at a class, you hit a groove, and you just really feel good.  You can kind of let yourself go and have a lot of fun.  I was having this kind of night, imagining myself shrinking with every shake of my hip.  It was about half way through class that I started noticing everyone else. 

The classes are always very diverse.  There women (and the occasional man) of all shapes and sizes, different levels of fitness, and some more attractive than others.

In this class, however, we were all fit, and sexy as hell!

There was one girl; I don't know her.  She's in the larger category, like me.  She's nothing spectacular to look at (also like me).  But I watched her for a moment in the middle of class.  She never stopped smiling.  She shook her hips and moved her body like she was in a night club.  Then I noticed another woman .  She was older, and she couldn't find a beat to save her life.  But she never stopped trying, and she never stopped moving.  She was having a blast; you could tell by looking at her.  Everyone in there was smiling.

I've been very discouraged lately about my lack of weight loss.  But I felt a kinship on this night with these women that I don't even really know.  We are women.  And we are beautiful.  And we are sexy.

And we know it.

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