Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The rec center has come out with its new fall schedule.  30 in 30 is now called Circuit Training, Friday night Zumba is gone, and they added the kickboxing class that I was hoping for.  Although when I put in my request, I said "Kickboxing without Stephanie" and the class they offered is taught by Stephanie. 

Oh well.  Gotta take what you can get.

So for the last week, I went to my 30 in 30 class; but Julie the torturer wasn't there.  Instead it was Jason, and I worried what was ahead.  Turns out I had reason to worry because one of our stations was frog jumps.  He demonstrated and he really did resemble frog with tremendous leaps that seemed effortless.  I knew this would not be the case for me.

I took that station first since it was the one I was dreading the most.  Jason liked that.  So I got into position.  He hollered "Go!" and I jumped.  Well, I did what was my equivalent to a jump.  I swear I can't jump to save my life.  One time Julie had us jumping up and down on a step for one of the stations, and I almost ate it on my first jump.  I ended up having to step up and down instead.  So here I am trying to frog jump across the floor.  Jason could make it across the room in 4 jumps.  I took me 10.  Or maybe 11.  I didn't get any better at them in the four circuits that we did, but I did get faster I think.   I never did fall, but with the other stations, my legs felt like jello.  So did my arms for that matter, which really makes me wonder why I'm not as sore as usual today.  Not that that's a bad thing, but it does make me go "hmmmm...."

Tonight I'm meeting Kelly and Shana to run over that damn Bailey bridge.  I think I'm only going to run 2 miles because my IT band is acting up.  That's not good.  A visit to the chiropractor might be in order, but then I'll have to tell him that I've been frog jumping.  

I wonder what he'll say about that.  I wonder if I'll ever be able to jump.  I'm not sure if it's physical or mental.  If it's mental, I just have to keep telling myself, "Be the frog!  Be the frog!  Be the frog!"

Saturday, August 25, 2012

If You're Sexy and You Know It...

...go to Zumba!!

I do love Zumba; and I was looking around the room last Friday, I could tell a lot of other girls do too!

Sometimes at a class, you hit a groove, and you just really feel good.  You can kind of let yourself go and have a lot of fun.  I was having this kind of night, imagining myself shrinking with every shake of my hip.  It was about half way through class that I started noticing everyone else. 

The classes are always very diverse.  There women (and the occasional man) of all shapes and sizes, different levels of fitness, and some more attractive than others.

In this class, however, we were all fit, and sexy as hell!

There was one girl; I don't know her.  She's in the larger category, like me.  She's nothing spectacular to look at (also like me).  But I watched her for a moment in the middle of class.  She never stopped smiling.  She shook her hips and moved her body like she was in a night club.  Then I noticed another woman .  She was older, and she couldn't find a beat to save her life.  But she never stopped trying, and she never stopped moving.  She was having a blast; you could tell by looking at her.  Everyone in there was smiling.

I've been very discouraged lately about my lack of weight loss.  But I felt a kinship on this night with these women that I don't even really know.  We are women.  And we are beautiful.  And we are sexy.

And we know it.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Evil Planks

Although I told myself I would get back on track from my tri-less depression, Sunday gave way to school clothes shopping; and I missed Zumba.

But Monday, I was ready to go. 

Sort of.

I woke up a little bit late.  But I stuck with my plan, and just altered it.  I had planned on getting up to do circuit training before swimming. So I just had to shorten both.  I ran through my circuit only once and then went to the pool for some laps.  Bascially, I only had 20 minutes of each, but it was better than nothing.

The weird part was I kept thinking about sharks.  I know there's no sharks in the rec center pool, but I couldn't shake this irrational fear.  Of sharks.  I don't know what that's all about, but I know it was ridiculous.  Maybe it was because the pool was so empty and I was in the lane closest to the diving well.  Who knows. 

Later that evening I was ready for the 30 in 30 class.  Although I don't always know what the class holds, I always know it's going to be a good workout. 

Today, Julie had 5 stations for us.  One of them was planks where we were warned not to put our knees down.  We had 30 seconds at each station with 10 second transitions.  I started with the planks because I hate them so, and I wanted to start it off strong and get it out of the way, and I chose the plank of my hands rather than my elbows.  Turns out that our 30 second bell had a 10 second warning.  So when the bell dinged, several things happened at once.  I dropped my knees.  Julie yelled "10 seconds!" and I looked up and  saw her giving me the exasperated evil eye with the head tilt.  I realized my mistake and said, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" and got back into position. 

Nice recovery.

After round 2, we had a 30 second water break.  Things were going great until the third round.  Julie put weights on my back as I held my plank.  That was tough.  My arms were shaking and I saw the first drop of sweat hit the mat.  But I held it.

Next round.  She was there again with the weights.  And I struggled.  But I held it.

By now, I'm beet red; and the 30 second water break went all too fast. 

Round 5.  She asks, "Are you ready?"  I told her, "My next blog post is going to be called 'Julie is the Devil!'

She laughed.  "Okay!  Just don't put it on the class review!" she said.

Then she added more weight.  I had thought that I would do the next round on my elbows because my arms were feeling the effects of the previous planks and the other exercises.  But as I was in position with the weight pressing down on me, I didn't think I was going to be able to hold it.  I could feel my middle coming closer to the mat, and I hollered out, "I fallling!"  I grunted my way through the last few seconds, and I collapsed when I heard the bell.

On to the next stations trying to forget that I had one more plank to do.  I dreaded it.  I didn't want to do it, but what was the alternative? 

I got into position, again on my elbows.  The bell went off, and Julie put the weights on my back.  It was much heavier this time.  So heavy.  I started to grunt.  Where was the 10 second bell?  I screamed, "Where's the bell!???" and it finally went off.  I had 10 more seconds to go.  I heard Julie say, "You can do it for 10 more seconds!" and I started screaming.  Screaming to push past the will to stop, fighting against every fiber of my being that wanted just to lay down.  It was the longest 10 seconds ever.

Finally the buzzer went off and I dropped.  I felt the weights come off my back, and she said to go take it out on the ropes which was the next exercise.  I left that mat in tears.  Luckily no one could see them because my face was so red and sweaty, but they were there. They were there because it was hard.  They were there because I wanted to quit.  And they were there because I didn't. 

I found out later that the first set of weights was 10 pounds, the second was 17.5, and that last one was 25.   25 extra pounds! 

No one mentioned my screaming.  Probably because they understood it.  At least that's what I'll tell myself.  You have to scream at evil.  It makes it go away.

More Bridge Running

Saturday, August 4

I got kind of down this week about not being able to do the tri.  I let it affect me, and I slept in most days instead of getting up and going to the gym.  As I lay in bed on Thursday, I heard the voice say, "You get one more day.  That's it." 

I debated on going to Zumba on Friday, but I wanted to be fresh for my run on Saturday. 

As I got to the school where we were meeting, the full marathon groups were already running.  I parked and got closer to the track, andI could see my fellow road runners getting ready to run; and I met some of our new group members.  Kelly and I will not be alone anymore.  We have four new peeps in our group.  We are not Group 6 anymore either; we are Half Group A.  This morning though, we were a total of four, and we took off together.

The run was good.  My Garmin was dead, but Kelly's wasn't.  For the first half mile we stayed together, but then the other two pulled ahead of us.  I know Kelly could have kept up with them, too; but she stuck with me like she always does.  And it's not that I couldn't hang; I just know how to pace myself.  I knew that if I had to run for 80 minutes back and forth over that bridge, that I had to hold back in order to maintain.  With the pace we were assigned and then accounting for the heat like Coach always tells us to, I think we were right on target. 

Sure enough, we ended up catching up with them at the mile marker at mile 2.  So again, we took off together, and then they were ahead of us again.  But by the time we were at the next mile marker, we were passing them up.   We had 15 minutes left, so we made our way back to the school, and yet others were going back toward the bridge for another pass.  They have such awesome paces, they could do that and make it back by 7 for core exercises.

The core work was good.  I am getting better at holding planks, just not the side planks.  I hate them all.  But the other exercises aren't all that bad.  I'm going to have my little one do them with me in the evenings.  Maybe we can get stronger together.