Friday, July 20, 2012

Road Runners Unite

July 14, 2012

It's official.  Marathon training has started again.  The Pearland Area Road Runners had our kick-off meeing this Saturday.  There was no official run scheduled, so Kelly and I ran to the park to get there.  It was muggy out since it had been raining all week, but the rain was good enough to stay away so we could get there without being wet.  Rather, we got there without being wet because of the rain.  Sweat was another story.  After the meeting we ran back to my house for a good two mile run.  It's a start.

It was great seeing everyone again, and there were lots of new faces.  Coach Ric gave us a run down of what was to come, and he even called out me and Kelly for being inspirational.  It was really nice.  He even mentioned us again and told everyone that I hadn't even done a 5K when I joined and how many of us were out there when I did my first half.  It warmed my heart. 

So I have to admit, last year it was all new and exciting and I looked forward to getting up most of those Saturdays and going for a run and reaching a new record.  Right now, all I'm thinking about is all those early Saturday mornings and basically losing your Friday night because you have to get up for your run in the morning.  It seems like it will be more of a committment this season, but it's one that I will make.  I know how good it feels now.

Coach Dan will be coaching us halfers.  It's 5 months til the Run Girl half. 

Let the games begin.

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