Saturday, July 21, 2012


I realize that I have not been posting, but I have been exercising.  I am loving the summer because I have the mornings.  I don't have to wake anyone up and them ready, so I am up and out the door hopefully by 5:15 so I can get to the gym. 

So Monday and Wednesday, I swim.  Tuesday and Thursday, I spin.  And then there's always time in the evening for other workouts.  There's the dreaded 30 in 30 class and Zumba, and I've even made it to Lydia's strength toning a couple of times.  And I got a run in here and there.

I did oversleep a couple of mornings and then I had to miss because of birthdays and then there was the time I was just too tired and sore; but overall, I've been doing pretty well averaging 2-3 hours a day 4 days a week.  And then Zumba on Sundays.

My bike got a flat, so I finally got a new tube for it.  I took it for a spin with my little one and our little neighbor girl.  I didn't change into "appropriate clothes; I just wore my flip flops and went without my helmet.  We went around the neighborhood and finally saw those bunnies.  We rode around for at least an hour and it was so much fun.  So I figured it out. 

I hate the helmet. 

I knew I hated the helmet, but now I know I really hate the helmet.  It really diminishes the little enjoyment I have while on the bike.  But it's a necessary and required evil, so I'll have to get used to it. 

Spin class has been okay.  The week of the 4th, we had a sub and it was awesome.  It was a real Spin class.  When Jason got back the following week, I guess he had heard that we were ranting and raving about how awesome the week without him was, so he said he was going to step it up a notch.  And he did, but it still wasn't quite the same. 

The following Thursday while we were warming up, someone brought up the closures at the natatorium.  A discussion followed which could have taken forever, so I shouted out, "Okay then!  Let's get to work!"  Jason looked at me and said, "What?"  I was all, "We're 20 minutes in!  Let's go!"  And then I felt bad because I wasn't trying to tell him how to run the class, it's just that complaints can go on forever.  I just didn't want to sit there and cycle for another 20 minutes which can happen if he were to get tangled up in a discussion about something that he has no control over. 

Jason said he was just warming up the legs, and we would be working really hard for the next 30 minutes.  And he did.  It still wasn't quite up to par with a real spin class, but it was better.  He didn't give us as much recovery time and we were out of our seats more.  It was good.  Hopefully, he'll keep building on this, but judging from the last few classes, it seems like we are in a routine.

Most workouts have been really good.  I can feel more definition in my arms, and I think it's probably from swimming, but I'm sure the 30 in 30 and strength toning is helping too.  So although I have not been MIA from my exercising, something else has.  The mean girl voices are staying at bay.  I haven't heard much from them lately, and I can't say that I miss them.  With this being said, I was at the pool with my little one; and I was watching her jump off the diving board.  I noticed this woman swimming in one of the lanes, and she was moving very slowly.  I watched her and I happily thought, "I am so not that slow!"  I swear she was like molasses moving through the water.  Now, I wasn't dogging her; she was graceful and she had a nice rhythm going.  But since I am used to being the weakest link or the slowest in the group, I was happy to see that someone could possibly be slower. 

So I timed her.  I realize that I am potentially stalking her at this point, but I watched the clock from the time she left the wall, and I timed her.

And when she swam 25 yards, she was swimming at my exact pace.

And it hit me.  I am molasses in the water.

Whatever.  I read that swimming 425 yards in 12 minutes is "good" for my age group, so I'm sticking with that.

Next up is the magic mile with my fellow Road Runners.  Yuck.  But like the helmet, it is a necessary evil.  So I'll make do.

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