Saturday, July 21, 2012

Magic Mile Sans Magic

I just mentioned hat the mean girls are staying away, but I am fighting them off tonight.  Today, we had our magic mile.  The best magic mile time I've had was 12:18, and I haven't been able to reach that again since.  Today my magic mile time was 13:15; a whole minute slower than my best.

It's a time I can be proud of, but at the same time, I am dissappointed in myself.  I think I should have done better.  I think I could have pushed a little more. 

But even some of our best runners didn't beat their best time.  Even some of the ones who have been working nonstop and doing the speedwork didn't improve on their time, so maybe it was just something in the air.

After everyone finished their mile, we had a group meeting to discuss core exercises.  Coach Ric called me out to tell my story.  He was hoping that I could encourage some of  the new runners and let them know that they can start where ever they are.  New to running, slow at running, whatever the case may be, it is possible.  It was pretty cool, and I was honored that he chose me.  The group gave me nice applause when I was finished and I got some high fives on the way back to my mat. 

You know what?  Mean girls are gone.  I think I just needed a recap of the morning.

It may have been a not-so-magic-mile, but there is something magical about the Pearland Area Road Runners.  I am a lucky girl.

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