Sunday, July 1, 2012

Half Week Wrap Up

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I've been off this week, and I have loved it.  Monday and Tuesday, while my soon-to-be-third-grader goes to art camp, I took off to the rec center for morning Zumba classes.  I don't get to partake in these very often, so it was a lot of fun getting a mid-morning work out in.  It's perfect.  Her camp is 2 hours, and the classes are right in the middle of it.

Monday night, I went to the 30 in 30 class.  I was actually early this time, and there was one lady there waiting.  I asked her if she was waiting for the 30 in 30 class, and then I added, "or shoud I say 30 in Hell?" 

She just looked at me. 

I don't remember what she said, but I don't think she appreciated my sense of humor and only said something about it being a good workout.  Well duh!  Obviously it's a good workout otherwise I wouldn't equate it to hell and still be there!  Class started pretty quickly after that and there were only four of us in class.  Julie had us being out a mat and grab some weights.  After all my joking about hell and everything, I think she took it pretty easy on us.  Although I am sore.  It's two days later and I am still sore in my hamstrings.  It wasn't really like hell until she had us do burpees.  Those are truly torture, and I hate them.  I managed five in the length of time she gave us, which wasn't long.  But I don't think five is a good number, and I'll have to aspire to do more.

After that, I stayed for Zumba;  but I forgot my shoes.  Again.  So I only stayed for 45 minutes of it.  I left my running shoes on for the first 25 minutes.  Then I felt my knee kind of hurting so I took them off.  Another 15 minutes into class, and I almost fell.  I figured it was time to hang it up.  After all, I had already worked out for over two hours so it's not like the day was a lost cause. 

Tuesday morning was the same with a better Zumba workout, because it was Renae; and she is just so darn funny.  I haven't been making it to Saturday Zumba much because of the tri training, and now marathon training starts in July.  So I'm glad I got to indulge in her class.  And she encourages free style, so Tangila and I totally took advantage of that. 

After my little one's camp, we were supposed to go bowling, but since our friends were holding out until Thursday, we went swimming instead.  This was fun for me since she loves swimming in the diving end when it's open.  While she jumped, dived, and swam around, I treated water for the half hour.  It's not much, but it is exercise. 

Tuesday's swim class, as promised, we had our new instructor.  He had us do a 300 yard warm up, and I was actually pretty excited that I actually completed all 300 along with every one else.  Usually, I don't quite get 300 in before it's time to move on to something else.  After our warm up, he moved us to the activity pool which is at it's deepest 4.5 feet.  He roped off a section of the pool for us, and then he had us swim freestyle as he watched us.  It was really bizzare having the ground so close to me while swimming since all of our classes have taken place in the competition pool in at least 7' deep water. 

Kelly and I had the same issue with our stroke in that we needed to put our arms back in the water sooner to finish our stroke in the water.  Hard to explain, but we practiced that a few times as he watched us all.  Then he suggested the odd breathing as Meagan had because we need to learn to breath on both sides.  He also said we, especially Kelly, needed to use our legs more.  The reason he really called Kelly out more is because I was trying to remember everything else, I forgot that I was not really using my legs and I was kicking more than normal.  Then he called me out for not cupping my hands.  This was frustrating because that is one of the things I tell myself since the first day of class, but now that I was counting my breathing, concentrating on putting my arms back in the water, and kicking properly, I totally forgot to cup my hands. 

He demonstrated breast stroke again.  He had us swim with our heads above water and told us why we need to know that (so we can see where we are going in an open water swim and not get 100 yards off course as he has seen.)  He also told us that we should not do it often since it is extrememly energy taxing.  He told us about survival swimming, which is basically floating on your back until you calm down, work out your cramp, catch your breath, or whatever other emergency may come your way.  I know about the cramping especially since that has happened a few times to me in class. 

It was an awesome class.  We have him one more time on Thursday and then the class is over, which makes me sad.  He is awesome, and I can only imagine how much we could learn if we had more time. 

After class, Kelly and I went back to the competition pool for our optional assignment from Meagan.  It consisted of 100 yard elementary backstroke, 100 yards of breaststroke, 100 yards of something I couldn't remember so I just did freestyle and then 100 yards of cool-down freestyle. 

I think our total yardage for today was around 80 yards, maybe a little less.  It's hard to gauge with the small pool training.  Tomorrow morning I will not be exercising.  I am taking the morning off to have coffee with my friend, Dianne. 

And I will not feel guilty about it.

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