Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Angry Birds

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Today was the YMCA Freedom Tri.  It takes place in the park right by my house, so Kelly and I set out to see what it's all about.  Actually Kelly already knows, but she's such a good friend, she was up at the crack of dawn to humor me. 

We had to walk to the park, since all of the road are blocked off.  We took the trail and considered ourselves lucky to make it there without being carried off by the mosquitoes.  As we approached the pool, I could see the splashes of the athletes.  There were people lined up all around the pool and people were entering every 10 seconds.  Some lanes were crowded and others seemed like there were larger gaps between swimmers.  We saw quite a few people bunched up and some passing others.  We saw a few collisions, and we saw a couple of people walking a bit for a portion of their swim.  It's scary, but not as scary as I pictured in my head.  But of course all of this is far from a lake swim.  Even though there were crowds in parts, it was controlled and not everyone was starting at the same time.  I think in a lake situation there would be larger crowds. 

We watched for a while then walked over to the transition area.  Again, not as scary as I thought.  Not crowded, just people going in as they exited the swim.   Some were rushing, others were moving at a quick pace, and some looked like they were more relaxed. 

I guess there's a rule that you can't get on your bike until you cross the time sensor thingy.  I saw a couple of people getting yelled at for that, so I guess I need to remember that.  It wouldn't be good for my fragile ego for some tri volunteer angry bird type to be yelling at me to get off my bike like I'm a newbie who doesn't know what the hell she's doing.  The good part about this though is that I got to see how people are starting at all different times.  In my head there was a huge crowd of bikes and it scared me to think of having to ride so close to other people, but this is far from the reality.  It's very sporadic, and there is lots of room between athletes.  I'm sure I'll still be passed, but the fear of being in a constant state of being passed is diminished a little. 

It was about this time it started to rain, so we made our way back to the pavilion where the athletes would finish.  It was raining so hard you could feel the drops on the opposite side of where the rain was coming down.  Then it started with the lightning and, I found out later, hail!  Nothing like biking and running in hail!  At least the swim portion was over with.

We hung out there for a bit until the rain subsided a bit, then we started the journey back to my house.  We had to go around the long way because part of the tri running course was the trail behind my house that we used to get to the park.  As we're walking you could feel little droplets of rain, and I thought we should call my husband to pick us up.  Then we saw more runners coming toward the park, and I thought 'how wimpy are we?'  We didn't want to walk home with little drops of moisture while these guys were already out riding 12 miles and running a 5K in it. 

So we sucked it up, and we walked home in the rain.  After all, we are Hard-Core Warrior Princesses!  Or at least we will be again soon. 

As we got closer to my house, Kelly saw a hawk with something in it's mouth.  It was pretty freaky and it landed in a tree at my neighbors house.  Then we heard all this squawking.  What was a meal for a bird and his family turned into a fight for whatever rodent was in his claws.  And then more bird sounds and more squawking.  It was a version of angry birds right over our heads, so we made our way inside before the demolition of fortresses began.

I'm really glad that I went.  I am still nervous about the tri, but at least some of my fears are put to rest.  The rest of the fears are ones that I will just have to conquer, even if it is on race day. 

BTW, this walk that I tried to get out of, is the only exercise I got in on this Sunday.  =(

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