Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spinning into Action

Tuesday, June 4

The rec center has added Spinning back to the early morning schedule.  Yea!  Just in time for summer.  Now that I don't have to wake up my little one for school, I can get to the gym before work.  Matt is not the instructor, but it's also not the dreaded Stephanie.  It's a guy named Jason. 

Turns out Jason is a trainer at the rec center, so hopefully we won't be losing him any time soon.  He said he would take it a little easy on us today, but we were not allowed to miss his class from here on out.  Ha!  It's been so long since I was in a class, and now I remembered how much I hated it when I first started, and I found myself wishing the clock would move much faster.  I can't remember my exact time, but I remember looking at the clock and thinking that I was make much better time here than on my bike at home.  I kept going trying to keep up with him.  Most of what he did today is have us hover in the 90 rmp range and then add resistance while staying in a certain range for short periods of time.  Then he gave us a "hill" at the end.  It wasn't necessarily a hard class, but it was hard in the sense that I'm out of practice.  And it's so freaking early.  Even before I left the house at 5:15 am, there was way too much movement before coffee. 

I think he's gonna be a good instructor.  The only problem I had was there was not enough standing.  Who ever thought I would complain about not enough standing.  But honestly, my booty needed the break.  I have the feeling he is going to be much tougher once we get into the swing of things, but I have the summer to try to hang.

When the hour was up, I had rode 17 miles. 

11 mph vs. 17 mph.  How can I bridge that gap on the real road.?

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  1. Where have you been??? I have gone to spin last Thursday and today and no Candi! :( Today we tried his CRASH class after -- OH MY! It was tough and I REALLY felt out of shape! I have a feeling I'll know I did something tomorrow!