Sunday, June 17, 2012

Skipping Class

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Life kind of got in the way this week.  And I have to admit I got in my own way this week.   Monday evening, my daughter was home for a couple of days, so I missed a workout.  Which would have been okay because I have spin and swim class on Tuesday; but then I stayed up too late watching the Spring Show video with her, and I didn't wake up for spin (which my friend Tammy has so lovingly called me out with her comment to this blog.)  I was all set for swim class, but then my Dad wanted to take us out to dinner, so I opted for that instead.  Then of course, Wednesdays are out because it's too busy.

From what I understand, I think I am glad I had to miss swim class.  She had them do these 50 yard sprints in which they had 1.5 minutes to complete.  If you finished before the 1.5 minutes, you got to rest before doing the next one.  They did this for way longer than I would have been able to hang, and I'm afraid this would have shattered my already-fragile confidence.

Since Tammy did call me out for not showing up to Spin class for two classes in a row, I knew I couldn't miss again.  I kind of thought that since I missed a couple of classes, Jason would be a little bit tougher.  But I think his style of class is just generally a little easier.  He likes to have us maintain 90 rpm's at different tension levels.   Then he'll have us maintain 90 with low tension, then we add more tension at slower speeds for short time periods and then speed back up again, etc, etc, etc.  It's kind of boring. Lots of sweat, but kind of boring.  To make it worse, he engages in conversation.  This is good and bad.  It's good because he talks to us about important stuff like nutrition, we get to know him, and it makes it personal.  It's bad because he gets too involved in off topics, and he loses control of the class.  If he's talking about random stuff, he's not instructing us.  And if we are all able to have random conversations then the workout must not be challenging enough, and we're not concentrating on what we're doing.  There has to be a balance. I hope we find one.  

Which brings us to Thursday night.  I tried to get to the rec center a little bit early to get a couple of laps in, but I only made it early enough for a couple of laps before my fellow classmates were showing up.  I'm beginning to think my swim teacher really doesn't know what she's doing.  I mean, I think she's a great swim teacher, but she has never done a triathlon before.  She has guarded several, but she has never participated in one.  And her teaching is very scattered, and it seems like we should be concentrating on technique.  Apparently, the guy in our class brought this up Tuesday, so I didn't have to. It makes it better that someone that actually knows what he's doing would say such things and it's not just me talking out of my behind.  Because most of the time I don't really know if I know what I'm talking about.  

My friend Tammy is a great swimmer, and she told me I should be proud of the 325 yards in 12 minutes.  That's actually a pretty good place to be with no training, so I was trying to hang on to her comments as I started swimming.  

We did a few different drills.  One of which I was rolling my eyes because it looked ridiculous.  Luckily the pros in the class did it first because she changed it when she realized what she had instructed us wrong.  But basically, we were kind of on our side swimming with one arm up in position like you are about to put it back in the water.  You swim on that side until you need a breath and then you switch.  I doubt that makes any sense, but it is important, because something clicked in these 100 yards of this kind of swimming.  Breathing was a little easier, and I didn't feel so winded.  I enjoyed those 100 yards.  

Time ran out pretty quickly after that but even the freestyle cool down we did at the end seemed a little better.  I still have so much to learn.  The thought of swimming in Lake Houston still scares the crap out of me, but scared is okay.  Scared is better than terrified.  I'm sure the pendulum will swing back to terrified before the tri comes, but today was what I needed to get a little of that gumption back.  And hopefully one day the pendulum will only swing between nervousness and confidence. We'll see.  

Of course, I still have to think about biking after the swim.  

Ok...  Back to terrified!!

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