Saturday, June 23, 2012

1000 Yards!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Last night was one of those nights.  My youngest didn't feel well, and she couldn't lay down without getting sick.  I propped her up on the pillows on the couch, so basically she was sleeping sitting up.  Which means that I was sleeping sitting up.  At least until midnight which is when I carried her to bed hoping that the worst was over. 

Thankfully it was, but as 5 am rolled around, I was exhausted.  I managed to get myself up without too much arguing, but I was still late for Spin class.  However, Jason was helping a new girl, so they were only flat-roading.  I wasn't missing anything but a long warm up.  I am grateful to have a class again, but I wish it was more varied.  We did the same kind of stuff, adding tension, slowing pace, adding tension, maintaining pace, etc, etc, etc.  I kept wishing he would have us do some jumps or something, and I had to stand up on my own just to get out of my seat for a minute.  

I noticed he always gets up in the middle of class to walk around for a second.  He also stands up himself for a bit.  So why doesn't he consider that the rest of us need to get off our butts, too?  

When it was all said and done, I had logged in 14 miles.  That's not as much as usual, but I was late.  At least I burned enough calories to negate my breakfast.

Later was swim class.  I got to the rec center a little bit early because I wanted to check out this Zumba instructor that no one seems to like.  Everyone tells me I would recognize her because she used to be in class with us, but I didn't know her.  I saw Lydia waiting for her class to start, and I wished that I could just go to her class instead.  

Maybe I'm just a runner.  I do like going out for my runs, but I do not feel that way about cycling.  I don't even really like Spin, I just think it's a good workout and calorie burn.  And now that I'm adding swimming, I can't say that I am loving it; although I will consider that I just need to give it more time.

As I slumped over to the natatorium, I really didn't want to be there.  Especially since Kelly had texted me that she wasn't coming.  She wasn't feeling well.  I chose an empty lane and decided to swim a couple of laps before class started.  I swam 200 yards figuring I would swim the rest of my warm up with everyone else.  Sure enough, they all swam their 300 yard warm up while I swam another 150.

As I waited for our next set of instructions, she told me we would be doing a pyramid workout.  She had it all written down and it was something like this:

300 yards (slow/medium/fast)
200 yards (medium/fast)
100 yards (fast)
200 yards (medium/slow)
300 yards (slow/medium)
200 yards (cool down)

I just looked at her.

And I continued to look at her.

Finally I said, I'm just going to do what I can since I am a beginner.  
She said, "I keep forgetting that!" 
Then she wrote out a modified version of the pyramid just for me in which she basicallly halved everything.  As she was doing this, she told me how much she has seen me improve since day one.  She's noticed that I don't rest as often and my form is better.  For being a beginner, I was doing very well.  It was encouraging to hear her say this.  I told her my average 25 yard lap was 35 seconds, and she seemed pleased with that.  I also told her that I didn't think I had a "fast" pace for this workout, but she said any amount of difference was good and I should just push a little bit more on those laps.  

Okay.  I could try that.

I ignored what my classmates were doing and i just took off for my own swim.  I learned a lot on this swim.  I realized that I am getting better at this whole breathing thing.  I can now make it almost 50 yards before I start to feel winded. I also realized that if I use my legs too much, I can't quite make it the 50 yards without gasping by the end of it.  She had told me to break every 50, so this worked pretty well for me.  

When it came to doing my fast laps, I waited for the timer so I could pace myself.  My regular laps were still averaging 35 seconds, and I seriously doubted that I could do better than that and still make it back; but I was willing to give it a try.  I could push myself for 75 yards, and I could always slow down or rest more if I needed to.

So I pushed off.  I used my shoulders and arms as much as I could and barely moved my legs.  I tried to hurry.  When I got to the other side, the clock indicated 30 seconds!  I had shaved 5 seconds off my time.  So I took a second, and I tried it again.  This time the clock read 28 seconds!  7 seconds difference!  I was happy with that, and I told my teacher when she asked how I was doing.  She gave me a high five, and I found it kind of funny that this young girl's approval was making me so happy.  Toward the end of my workout, I used the paddle board for 50 yards.  I just had to catch my breath, and it gave me an excuse to practice my kicks.

I did my cool down, a 150 yard swim and another 50 yards using the kickboard again.  She wrote down on my paper that I had swam 800 yards including my warm up.  800 yards!  That didn't include the warm up I had done before everyone got there, so that brought my grand total up to 1000 yards!  

1000 yards equates to .56 miles!  No wonder why I was so tired!  After I realized this was my distance for the day, I didn't feel too bad about using the kickboard for 100 of those yards.  Maybe next time, I won't have to.

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