Thursday, May 24, 2012

Saturday Morning Cardio

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I am so happy to be back at the rec center!  Thursday, my plan was to leave the house in time to get a round of circuit training in before Zumba.  But saboteurs are always about, and I had to get to the store first for some essentials.  So it was just Zumba time, but that's okay.  It was lots of fun as always, and my little one asked if I would be taking a shower before putting her to bed.  I can take a hint, so I did.

Saturday morning was a nice morning, and Kelly and I set out for a quick three miles.  We are still not getting together enough for these runs, but it's always great when we do.  We did pretty good, but I didn't quite feel as good as I hoped I would.   

After that, I went to Zumba.  Renae was out, but one of my fellow classmates just got her license.  She did a great job, and she looked like she was having a blast.  I heard her say later that she was so nervous, but you would have never guessed it.  I don't think I could be so poised under pressure.    So it was a 3 mile run followed by an hour of hip-shaking and more sweating.  So, I was good for the day.

I am hoping to try another brick soon.  Maybe Saturday morning.  


We'll see.

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