Friday, May 25, 2012

Running Home

It has not been a good work-out week.  Sunday, I mistakenly took it easy thinking I would make up for it during the week.

Well.  Best laid plans.  I was going to go for a ride Monday before women's group, but my Dad came back into town early and wanted us to go to dinner instead.  Who am I to say no to that?  So I thought I might skip women's group and go later.  But then someone hinted that I shouldn't do that, so I didn't.  And I'm glad.  I always enjoy women's group.  BUT, Tuesday was no better as my 2nd grader had her music program, and we were thoroughly entertained by the voices of my cherub and her classmates.  Wednesday is never a good exercise night because everyone is gone and it's just a busy night for me and the kiddo.

Which brings us to Thursday.  I made up my mind early that I would be kicking it into high gear.  Kelly suggested going for a run, and I was all up for that, but then she couldn't make it.  So, I had to go to plan B.

What is plan B.  Well, I just got my new Garmin in the mail; so my hubs suggested going to the rec center and running there.  Well, I don't like running indoors if I don't have to, and wouldn't it be funner to run to the rec center?  Then I could do Zumba and then I would have to be picked up.  OR, I could be dropped off at the rec center earlier and then I could run home.  Yes.  That's it.  Instead of Zumba, I would go to a strength toning class and then run home while it's still light enough.

So that's what I did; however, I underestimated Lydia's ability to torture my legs, and I wondered if they would be too tired to make the three mile journey home.  Luckily, she finished with legs within the first half hour of class.  Then she only tortured my arms and abs.  It was a great class, and I felt better about getting some strength work in rather than just cardio.

It was slightly warm outside, but from where I stood the breeze was awesome.  And where I stood was on Bailey road facing the bridge that makes me spaz just a little.  I started my journey home mentally preparing myself for the bridge to come.  As I started my ascent, I was looking down and the ground seemed to move in my peripheral vision.  I got kind of woozy, which is not good on a bridge; so I forced myself to look up, which caused problems of its own because then I was looking at the people in the cars passing by and then I was panicking that someone I know would see me and surely my face was as red as a tomato by now.  

Soon enough, the first mile was over and then the Garmin beeped to release me for a minute of walking which was timed almost perfectly as I reached the intersection.  I waited in my minute for the light to change.  And then it didn't change because I forgot to push the crossing button, extending my walk break to a way-too-long break.  

I made up for it by running through my next scheduled walk break, and then I was distracted by the thoughts in my head.  It was hot, but I was remembering telling my friend Tammy that she was ready for the tri in July.  She has the swimming and the cycling parts down, but she hates to run.  I told her she could put one foot in front of the other for three miles.  It's just one foot in front of the other.  And that's what I had to do now.  Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  And that's what I heard. 

One. Foot. In front.  Of the other.  This was my cadence.  It's never that I can't do it.  It's that I just don't want to. 

But not today.

I remembered the concern in my husband's voice when he dropped me off.  "Are you sure you can run home after working out?"   And in my head, I was answering, "Hell, yeah I can!!"  And as I thought I had to prove it, I picked up my pace a little.  

Then I smelt fajitas!  Oh, curse you people grilling fajitas in your backyard!  Bastards are probably drinking margaritas too!

But a Warrior Princess must prevail, so I continue on.

I made it into the park, and passed a few runners and a biker that had passed me on the bridge.  My hair was a mess and I somehow managed to redo my hair and put it in a bun and get the sweaty wisps of hair out of my sweaty face.  And I had one of those moments were everything just felt perfect.  My pace was good, the wind was blowing, and I could almost feel the toxins leaving my body with every drip of sweat that fell down my face.  

And then I made the turn onto the adjacent street in my neighborhood.  And my beautiful breeze was gone.  And then I smelled smoke.  But not delicious smoky fajita smoe, but like wood burning in a fireplace.  A fireplace that makes you warm, and then I felt even hotter than ever.  I tried to imagine those margaritas I imagined and ice cold water that was waiting for me at home, but it was no use.  The connotation of the smell was too strong.  

I passed a driveway with some guy hanging out by his car.  I waved as I passed, and he started clapping for me and told me I was doing awesome!  That was kind of nice, and it gave me the extra bounce I needed to make it home happily.  

It was a great workout.  And it was even greater that the mean girls voices were MIA.  

I could definitely get used to that.  

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