Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

May 15, 2012

It being Sunny in Philadelphia has nothing to do with this post other than I'm watching it now and I am laughing out loud.  By myself.  Laughing out loud.  So funny.  I've never seen it before, but I may have to add it to my DVR list. 

Today I just went for a run.   Someone has been telling me I haven't been running enough and that I will lose all I've accomplished if I'm not careful.  So I walked past the garage with my bike in it, and just hit the pavement instead.  There were quite a few people out today, but most were walking.  I felt pretty good as I took off.  I wouldn't say I was pushing myself really hard, but I was definitely giving a little more than my usual going-for-a-little-run mode.  And it paid off.  My first mile was completed with a 13.25 pace.  I was quite happy with that.  I kept going, and for the next hour I was happy just to be running, even though the next three miles weren't quite as fast. 

I may not be able to go out and run a half marathon tomorrow, but I also don't think it's that far out of reach.  I could just keep going if I had to.  

It's the bike and swim that I have to worry about.

I signed up for a triathlon swimming class next month.  It's every Tuesday and Thursday fr the entire month.  They are supposed to teach you proper techniques for a tri so you can preserve your legs for the bike and run portion.  Since I've barely done any swimming this past year, I'm sure I need all the help I can get in this area.  

Wish me luck.

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