Monday, May 7, 2012

Half Way There, Part 1

Or really part 2 since I've got the running part down.   I just need to get it down after riding a bike.  Oh yeah, and swimming (shudder)

I went for a ride yesterday, armed with my cerebral warriors.  I've ridden at most four miles at this point, but most of those miles have been broken up into segments with my youngest; so really, the most I've ridden for real is three miles.  I would do four solid miles, and call it a day.

I'm still not really comfortable on the bike.  In fact, I'm really uncomfortable.  My arms get tired very quickly; and when I reach for my water bottle, I swear I'm going to fall.  

But I'm hearing in my head that I've got this, so I ride.  I would really like to know what my rpm's are since that is what we went by in Spin class.  I never thought to check the mph on the machine.  But I know that "flat road" (which is 90 rpm's) is supposed to be what you could just do all day long, and I'm sure I'm nowhere near that.  

In my head, I had a route mapped that would get me to the four miles.  It was my regular loop in the back of the neighborhood followed by a loop in the front of the neighborhood.  To get to four I would have to do the front loop twice.  As I got to the back, I heard a voice that said, "Go around again!"  So I turned right and went back into the neighborhood again for a total of 5.6 miles; half of what I will have to do in the tri.  I tried to maintain my 11 mph pace, and for the most part I did.  Then as I was in my last mile, I looked down and I was actually in the 12.2 zone.  Still, My Fitness Pal calls this speed "light" cycling.  Probably because they're assholes. 

Oh well.  I am willing to come in last on this one.  Because even though the voices are on my side at this moment, I know I'm still in over my head.  

But I know how to tread, so I'm good.

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