Sunday, May 13, 2012

Early Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to me!

As an early Mother's Day present, my husband signed us back up at the rec center!  Yea!  So without missing a beat, I was up and at 'em early this morning.

Kelly was going out of town, so it was supposed to be a solo run this morning; but as I woke up at 7 am and I could still hear rain falling, I opted to shut my eyes for a little bit longer. It's so nice listening to the rain, it was easy to let it lull me back to sleep.   I woke up to late to get to the rec center for Lydia's class, so I opted for circuit training instead.

The circuit training is what I've been avoiding for way too long.  And this morning, I remembered why.  It sucks.  It is hard, and it makes you sweat.  Buckets!  I tried to remember all the exercises in the circuit given to me so long ago.  And I tried to pretend that I didn't remember to Bosu ball sit ups.  But I know I'm only cheating myself, so I did them.  And they were hard, but still not as hard as I remember that very first time I did them.  Then I thought of how easy they would be if I had never stopped.  

But you can't live on regrets-you can only move forward.  

I remembered all 9 exercises, but I only got through one round of it before I had to go change my shoes to get ready for Zumba.  But I will just so happy to be back, that I was okay with it.  

Zumba was fun, as always.  There were a few people there that were happy to see me and had been wondering where I had been.  Class started with a few older songs, and I was just having a great time being back in the hip-shaking business.  

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and I wish all mothers a wonderful, fun, and love-filled day!  I think as part of my day, I'll be taking my youngest for a bike ride.  

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