Sunday, May 6, 2012


Thursday, May 3

I'm still in freak out mode.  I remember this post where I tried to find a good word for slow, and there just is not one. I remember being so afraid of being last when I signed up for my first 5K, and so happy when I wasn't.

I believe I will be last in a tri.

But that's okay since finishing is what I have to concentrate on.   I have a feeling I am in WAY over my head.

My plan today was to ride for a few miles and then run a mile or so.  It is my understanding that this is called a "brick" workout.  (She's a brick) (House)  (Sorry.  I can't help but think of this song whenever I say brick.)  I was all ready to go, but then so was my kiddo.  So a change of plans.  I thought I would take her for a quick ride and then come back and ride a couple of miles by myself.  As we took off around the corner, I thought we would take the circle in the back, but we would take the shorter loop.  It's really pretty back there, and as we crossed the bridge, she was so excited.  She pointed out any and all animals she saw.  So as we came to the crossroad to make the small loop, I gave her the option of going straight if she wanted to make a bigger loop.  She chose the big loop. 

We continued on and saw a bunny, more squirrels, and a mockingbird.  She even thanked me for bringing her back there, so when it came time to turn left to go back home, I gave her another option for yet another bigger loop.  And we turned right.  We ended up riding for two miles before heading home, and although I wasn't pushing my speed-demon boundaries, I think it was time better spent.

So I dropped her off, and since it was getting late, I went ahead and took off for my run.  As I prepared for the next part of the brick, I was still singing Brickhouse in my head.

And then I took off.

And I felt so heavy.  And slow. And I felt like a had been hit by bricks.  But when I looked down at my Garmin I was actually running at a 12.5 minute pace.  Which is awesome for me.  But I was dying.  I was tired, went for shorter intervals rather than running the whole way.  I even decided I would take that smaller loop and cut about half a mile off of my run.  But when I came to the crossroad, I heard that voice say, "Suck it up!  You're going straight!"

So I did.  And as slow as I felt, I finished my first mile with a pace I could feel good about -about a 14.5 minute pace.  Not too bad for me.  Especially since it was followed by a bike ride.  

And I can't even think about the swim right now.

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