Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

Okay, so was about to go to bed.  I decided to quickly peruse the Pinterest page since I haven't checked it in quite some time.  Immediately I'm inundated with pictures of this guy running.  He's everywhere with captions like, "He goes for a jog, and everyone follows him."  In case you haven't seen it, here's the original pic.


Hello!  Focus!  Back to me now!

So since he is EVERYWHERE, I googled him.  I found out he's a runner from New York running this 10K in South Carolina.  The photographer posted it and within an hour it had over 300,000 hits.  300,000 hits!!!!

In the year that I have been blogging, I've had a few thousand.

And I have a good photogenic run picture, too.  See?

AND I just wanted to point out that I'm smiling AND waving!

Let's take a look side by side, shall we?

Okay, now that they are side by side, I see that I went for a jog and no one followed me.  And he does look better.  But still. 

I'm just saying.


  1. Omg! This is my favorite blog. BTW: I would run a full marathon if he was in front of me.

  2. You're beautiful. But it does look like you're missing part of your arm.

    That guy is an alien--here to take over our planet--don't be fooled!

    xoxox Dianne

  3. AND....You looked this good while running MUCH farther than him!!