Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Out of the Slumps

I've really been struggling lately.  I can't figure out why.  I'm not one of those people that dislike exercise.  I actaully enjoy it and I love how I feel when I've finished a good work out.  Yet, I have been slowly losing my gumption and my "want to." 

 had a really bad day yesterday.  I could blame the weather, which was stormy and rainy; and it only compounded the feeling that I would have rather stayed in bed than braved the day.  I feel beaten down.  I feel tired.  I feel...like anything but a Warrior Princess.

I had the girls pray for my last night.  And I have to believe that God finally listened to those prayers, because I woke up this morning feeling a little more empowered.  I packed my lunch and snacks, and I felt confident going to work armed with goodies that were healthy and good for me. 

It was a better day.

And then Kelly called.  I had forgotten that we had talked about going for a run after work.  We have talked about running on several occasions, but it's only been talk.  She came over at 6:30.  And we both had that look on our face.  Like "I don't want to do this.  Why am I doing this?"  But if nothing else, we had much to catch up on; so off we go to the back of the neighborhood.  She talked about her new job.  I talked about the weekend with my oldest.  She talked about her upcoming girl's trip and a zip linging excursion, and I caught her up on what's going on at work.   It was great.  The run was slow, but we were talking constantly.  And it was just what was needed.

I used to say that Saturday runs were "girl time" and how they were stress relief on so many levels.  It's been almost two months since we have run on Saturdays.  And now that she's not working in the same building anymore, the idle day-to-day chit chat is gone as is the more important as-needed venting.  This is what is missing.  Or at least part of it.  I don't know why I didn't pinpoint it before.   Kelly has been with me through this journey, and we have stopped being accountability partners.  And that stops today.

We are friends.  We are confidants.  And we are runners.

We will get through this slump.

And we will remain Warrior Princesses.

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