Sunday, April 22, 2012

Boot Camp

It's 8 in the evening, and I'm sitting here on my couch.  Sitting although I could be standing and walking around. I should totally take advantage of the fact that I can stand up and walk around right now, because I have a feeling I won't be able to come morning.

My friend, Lisa, picked me up for boot camp.  I know, trust me I know, that I have been slacking in the weight training area; so I knew I was up for a challenge this morning, but I welcomed it.

At least I did for the first 10 minutes.

We got there a little late, but they had just started yet.  It was a little cool out, and the breeze was nice, but I knew I would warm up very quickly. Our first task was to run around the church twice for a warm up.  No problem. I was all over that.  The group had already run the first lap as we walked up, so we were only a bit behind.  Immediately following the warm up run, we were to lunge across the vestibule area carrying weights.  Unfortunately, I had forgotten my hand weights so Lisa let me use one of hers, which I think was about 2 pounds.  The lunge distance was probably about 100 feet or so.  So I lunged across the way, alternating legs that quickly started screaming in protest.  After we reached the other side, we were to do push-up burpees.  I have to say I did an alterate version of that, or at least much, much slower version of what everyone else was doing.  Then we lunge-walked back to the other side and did some shoulder lifts alternating with kick backs.  Before I could finish, the others were already lunge walking their way back again, and I asked Lisa if we would be lunging for the entire hour.  "No," she answered.  "We never do this much leg work."  And then Micheal, our torturer de jour called out the next tasks.  


Squats, followed by shoulder presses followed by inner thigh squats followed by dead lifts.  And all over again.  Followed by step back lunges with side twists.  There's probably more, but I tend to block unpleasant things from my mind.

By now, I can feel my legs are like spaghetti; and I know that I will be doing the zombie walk tomorrow.  But I was having bouts of feeling pretty good, and in between thinking I couldn't do one more freaking lunge, I heard that old familiar voice telling me to keep going.  

Next we had to do alternating sprints and walks of 30 paces each.  We were to run around the parking lot until Sgt. Michael told us to stop.  So this was up my alley.  But as I took off, I swear my legs almost gave out.  It took a few steps before my legs were like, "Oh! Ya! I remember this."  After that, I truly ran as fast as I could for the 30 paces.  I didn't keep track of time, but I think I made about six laps around the parking lot before we were reprieved.  

Then we were back under the vestibule preparing for ab work.  Sit ups, and more sit ups, crunches, side crunches, leg lifts, and finally v-ups.  OUCH!  

And then, Michael uttered the word that sounds like foul language to my ears.  The word that I have spent half a year avoiding by erasing the vile memories from my mind.  His next order was the PLANK!  Planks!!!!  We had to do planks.  And not the easy kind, the kind where you are on your elbows.  And then side planks.  And then the other side.  CURSE YOU MICHAEL!!!!!!

Finally, finally, we were stretching and cooling down.  Stretching was really awesome.  We were lying on our yoga mats in the sun and the breeze was still blowing over us.  It was heaven.  Stretching felt so good and he finished us out with a couple of yoga moves-child's pose, downward dog-that kind of thing.  Then, and only then was it over.

On the way home, I was happy.  It felt really good to work so hard, but I wondered how I would keep this up.  It was only a trial class, and forcing yourself to do these kinds of things is kind of hard.  At least it is right now.  I think I am still in the need of accountability with this type of exercise.  But I'll try.  I will make a list of these kinds of exercises, and the goal is to get to them three times per week at minimum.  

I'll do this tomorrow, and start on Monday.  Well, actually I'll start on Tuesday since Monday is my birthday, and I'll be taking the day off.   I'll be lamenting the fact that I'm one year older and hopefully drowning my sorrows with a nice dinner and a glass of wine that I don't have to cook.   That's all I can hope for.  Well.  That and being able to walk.  

Walking would be good.

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