Friday, March 16, 2012


Since I'm on spring break this week, I think it's unfortunate that I haven't taken advantage of the classes at the rec center.  So that's what I did today.  Sort of.

My plan was to take a couple of Zumba classes, regular Zumba and Zumba toning.  However, I had to get back home for the cable man to come; so I was short on time since I had a few errands to run.  So I opted for Renae's Zumba class.  I love her classes so much, but I haven't been to one in so long.  I arrived a few minutes late, and apparently she was having a themed warm up for St. Patrick's Day, because there was lots of Irish music with step dancing steps.  Whatever.  It was fun, but I was happy when she got back to the regular stuff. 

Now I really used to love her classes, but now I guess I've gotten used to Diah's classes, which is funny because I used to get so irritated with Diah.  Renae is really funny, and her class was still a lot of fun.  I worked up a pretty decent sweat which is perfect when you have to go to the bank and the grocery store after.  Of course by the time I got there, my little sweat patches were all dried up.  So rather than looking like I'm full of awesomeness and just kicked ass in a good work out, I looked like I just crawled out of bed and put the first thing on that I saw and threw my hair up in a messy bun.  And did so without showering because I certainly smelled. 

How can we change the perception of this look from an I'm-lazy-and-just-crawled-out-of-bed look to an I-just-burned-600-calories-while-you-were-watching-TV look. 

Maybe I'll start a pin on Pinterest.  Hmmmm.

Na.  I'll just go to bed and plan tomorrows kick ass look.

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