Sunday, March 18, 2012

One Week to Muddy Girl

I've gotten some form of exercise in since Wednesday, but I have to say my heart hasn't caught up with me yet.  I am doing it, but I am forcing myself to get up and do it.  I'm always glad when I do, but I want it back where I am looking forward to it and it's not something I'm talking myself in to. 

So today, it was Zumba.  With all the instructors out there, I am really starting to like Sunday's class with Annette.  She is just high charged, and she doesn't take long breaks, which is good because I hate it when your heart rate comes down in the middle. 

Music was good.  Moves were good.  Company was good.  It was all good.  Not even half way in, I was beet red and starting to smell; but I kept going and pushing myself to work hard.  Soon enough I looked at the clock, and we only had 10 minutes left.  So I stepped it up a notch and continued to dance.  That 10 minutes lasted forever, and then I realized that I was looking at the hour hand instead of the minute hand.  When I realized this, we still had 15 minutes left!  So much for stepping it up for 10, now I had to push it even longer.  But it was fun, and once again, I was glad I was there. 

Now the Muddy Girl run is in a week, and once again I have slacked on my weight training.  So every night this week, I will follow a push up challenge.  Basically this means I have to torture myself for 3 minutes in which I am to do as many push ups as possible.  In the article I read it said that anything less than 55 in this amount of time is below average.  WHATEVER.  I am shooting for 10, and maybe I'll be at 20 before the end of the week.  I may be below average, but I have other strengths, so I won't beat myself up for my lack of push up abilities.

Maybe I'll surprise myself.  I sure hope so.  I've not attempted anything like this before so I have no clue where I stand. 

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