Monday, February 13, 2012

Skipping, Spinning and Shaking

After resolving to workout harder yesterday, I couldn't sleep.  I laid in bed until about 1 am with my eyes wide open.  But still, I had to get it back.

I've been a bad girl.  Monday night is my women's group, and we are supposed to be reading a scripture every day.  I have not.  When I say it was a slacker week, I meant it in more ways than one.  So, rather than going to my women's group which I'm kind of having issues with anyway, I decided to do something else for my soul.  A different kind of chicken soup if you will.

I figured I could make it to the 5:30 spin class and then catch the rest of Zumba, and it would still be an earlier night.  So off to the rec center I went.

I met a few people outside of the spin room, and Stephanie, our instructor, was late.  The small group of us went in and set up our bikes and someone even set hers up.  She was pleasantly surprised when she walked in and said we weren't giving her reasons to scream at us.  She was almost chipper.  Then I saw her crack a smile and I almost fainted, but then I realized it was just a face she was making as she was trying to loosen the knob for her bike seat.  So we start class (which has been reduced to a 45 minute class now) and almost immediately she has us standing up.  Then something strange happened.  She started talking to us.  She was telling us that she has a secret admirer.  Someone sent her a dozen long-stemmed roses, and it was not her boyfriend.  Then she said that she watches too many Lifetime movies to be comfortable with having a admirer/stalker but she was smiling. 

So even though she's in a great mood from receiving beautiful flowers, she is still a robot and tough as can be.  But I was enjoying class a little more since she is acting more like a person.  I was getting tired as she was having us do jumps and what not, but I knew I had to stick it out since class was reduced by 15 minutes.  So I kept up.  I kept adding tension when she said to, I sped up when she said to, I was totally hanging with the class.

She has some really fun music and I found out that she also has a kickboxing class after the spin class.  Since she was acting like a nice person, I asked her about it.  So I said, "You have some really fun mixes.  Where do you find them?" 
She barely acknowledged me and said, "Oh.  They are from my other gym."

So, I thought I'd try again.  I said, "Do you need gloves for your kickboxing class, or is it all kicking."
 "We have gloves." she said flatly

Would it kill her to make eye contact or even speak without sounding like she's totally annoyed?  Maybe her alien leaders didn't teach her those things before they sent her here.  

Well I wasn't about to touch her gloves because the last time we used them, my sister got some sort of weird rash on her hand.  So I'll hold off on kickboxing until I get my own gloves.  I really don't like having to take her classes, but since options for spinning and kickboxing are extremely limited at the rec center, I'll have to use her for my advantage and ignore her lack of interpersonal skills.

As I left the spin room, I ran around the track to get to the stairs.  It's only 1/10 of a mile, but it's better than nothing.  I made it to Zumba 20 minutes late, but I jumped right in.  The only problem (and this is not new) is that Diah takes a break in between almost every song.  On any given day, this frustrates me because all it does is give you a moment for your heart rate to come down.  Well, since I've already had an intense workout I don't need a break every 4 minutes.  It was really messing with my flow, and the I lost the intensity. 

But still, it was an hour and a half workout, and some of it was intense.  So it's still a good work out night. 

And I still have time to catch up on my scriptures. 

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