Sunday, February 19, 2012

Do's and Don'ts

I have forgiven myself for my "slacker" week and have since become more comfortable with the renaming of such week to "recovery" week.  I am learning that there's a difference between losing motivation and just listening to your body and being still once in a while. 

After running a half marathon, DO allow yourself to take a break. 
But DON'T beat yourself up over it.
After resting up, DO get right back on track and get moving.

I was able to get a few workouts in this week, including Zumba on Thursday with my neighbor Jamie.  I've been hounding her for about a year now to join me; and to shut me up, she finally did.  And she had a great time, and I have to say that she rocked the class!  It was fun, and during one of my favorite songs, Diah called a bunch of people up to the front of the class.  Tangila was up there, and Tammy got called.  Well, Tammy was not going up there without a cohort, so she took me up there too.  This time I tried to remember to start everything on the opposite side, and a good time was had by all.  Diah also did Helle Decale at my request.  She called me up to the front again, but I was all "That's ok! I've already done that today!"  We had fun, and Jamie will be a willling particpant next time I ask her to Zumba with me.

So, DO keep asking people to exercise with you.  You never know when they'll say yes and find something they love to do.

Saturday was our scheduled 6 mile run, and we were to meet up with the group at 6:30.  But at 5:00 when I woke up, it was raining and I could hear thunder.  I texted Kelly in hopes that we could meet up later, and she agreed.  Sure enough, Coach Ric sent out an email cancelling everyones run due to the lighting and thunder. 

That evening was father/daughter date night, and I spent the day with my little one getting her nails done and having lunch.  All was wonderful...until it was time to fix her hair.  Then it all kind of went to hell.  But it was temporary, and soon enough they were ready to go. 

Lesson learned:  DON'T assume that children will believe you when you say don't touch the curling iron because it's hot.  They will most likely test that theory anyway.

There was a Zumbathon going on, and I debated on going.  But I so seldom have the house to myself, I opted to stay in.  I ordered a Greek pizza and was going to watch Bad Teacher and have a glass of wine.  Or two. 

After a couple of pieces of pizza and a very full glass of wine, I realized something was missing.  And that something was a margarita.  I texted Tiffany who was just about to get to the gym to work out.  She didn't want to pick me up to get margaritas but she did accept my offer to join me in opening a bottle of wine.  We had a really nice evening just talking, and it was the perfect girls night that I didn't plan.

So, when you have a night to yourself, DO call a friend over for a glass of wine.
However, DON'T drink too much and DON'T eat an entire pizza.

Cut to 6:45 am when it was time to get up for my 6 mile run.  I had the sense to take some Advil before I went to bed, so I didn't feel too bad.  I got dressed and had a little bit of protien bar and some coffee.  Kelly waited for me, and then we took off into the cool windy morning.  Right away, I felt the effects of my evening.  I was winded and tired before you know it.  The funny thing that happened on this run was that we were being followeed by a squirell.  As crazy as it sounds, he would pass us up and run up a tree.  Then he'd position hiself to look at us as we passed him.  Then soon enough, he would do it again.  I've never had a stalker, and I never thought when I did it would be a squirell. 
But even this squirell was not enough to make me want to keep going.  In my head I was thinking how I could ask Kelly to cut it short, how about if we just did 3 miles?  But I couldn't say it.  Not only because I didn't want to ask her, I didn't want to fail her, but also because I knew I needed the run.  So we kept going.  I guess about after 2.5 miles, I sweated enough of the toxins out, and I started feeling better. 

It ended up being a great run, and I felt so good afterwards.  It would have started out better though if I hadn't had the equivalent of an entire bottle of Shiraz. 
So once again, lesson learned is when you have a 6 mile run scheduled for the early morning, DON'T drink 5 glasses of wine the night before.  It's really not supposed to be a glass per mile kind of thing.

Later, Jamie and I ended up at Zumba again, and that was great too. Although most of the people in class had attended the Zumbathon the night before, so the entire air of the class was kind of lethargic.  But still, it was a good workout, and more toxins were released by the crying of the fat cells. 

When in doubt, DO make the fat cells cry.  ALWAYS opt to make the fat cells cry.

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