Sunday, January 29, 2012

Winter Dash

Kelly and I were almost giddy with the fact that we could sleep in this Saturday.  We wouldn't have to wake up until 6:30 and we would only have to run 5 miles.  It was quite the reprieve.  People still think we're crazy for being happy about getting up at 6:30, but you just can't get it if you don't live it, I guess.

As I was lacing up my shoes, I was telling Kelly that I almost feel like I've lost my gusto for running.  I wasn't as excited about it and the excitement for waking up for our Saturday runs was gone.  The "want" to just stay in bed was getting stronger and stronger, and I just didn't get it.  She said she felt the same, and I was relieved that it wasn't just me.  Maybe it was the 16 miles.  Those last two miles sucked so badly.  Then last week's bad run was still lingering in my mind.  Maybe all we needed was a good run.  My tired eyes looked over at her with her tired eyes, and told her that.  "Let's just have a good run.  Let's enjoy this five miles."

So we took off, this time from my house.  It was cold out, but we warmed up pretty quickly.  As we ran in the neighborhood, we passed another runner.  He was wearing a green shirt and going pretty fast, and he said good morning.  Around mile three, he passed us up again, this time from behind.  And when I say he passed us up, I mean he passed us up!  It seemed like within minutes, he was a mere speck of green way up ahead in the distance.  And I bet he wasn't even really trying.  Geez!

By this time, we were feeling pretty good.  Both of us were glad to be out and feeling good.  As we rounded the street heading to the park, I realized we were closer to finishing the five miles than I thought.  I told Kelly we could probably make a turn at the trail and head back to the house and we would be at 5 miles, and if not...
"We can round up?" Kelly asked.  Well, Kelly, what I was going to say was keep going, but I guess rounding would work too.  We had a good laugh about that and I found myself thinking of running the half marathon next week, running on the seawall along side the beach, and laughing with my friend.  When we got back to the house, we were at 5.25 miles, so rounding wasn't necessary after all. 

After our five mile run, we went out to the campus where we used to start our runs as they were having a 5K to benefit one of the high schools.  We went out there to support our fellow Warrior Princess Leslie and her son who I'm sure will be in the Olympic trials one day.  Also, my friend and future Dirty Girl, Holly, was running, and I wanted to cheer her on as well.  It was fun being on the cheering side, and we saw Coach Ric and a couple of other Road Runners there, too.

I talked with Coach about how negative I was feeling, and of course, he made me feel so much better.  They (the full marathoners) went through that too after their long run of 29 miles.  It's kind of like a milestone that you feel like you're done, but you're not.  He said once I got to the race and the crowd and adrenaline and all, it all comes back.  And I hope it does. 

I have been so bad about getting my weekly runs in, and I thought this week I HAVE to get them in.  Then I thought, what if I hurt myself?  Maybe I should just stay home and not move.

But instead I went to Zumba today.  Once again the "want" to not go was strong, but that's exactly why I had to go.  Unfortunately, I was the only one of my peeps that went, and it just wasn't the same without them.  To top it off, I was late so I was on a different side of the room next to a couple of very cute, young girls.  I had to move away from them.  They are bad for my self image.  So is the shirt I decided to wear today, so that is now in a give away pile. 

Countdown to Mardi Gras Half-7 days!

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