Thursday, January 26, 2012

Texas Tornado

A few years ago, I had nightmares about tornadoes on a regular basis.  They were always so real, and I would think, while I was dreaming, that I was really awake this time; and that I was seeing a real tornado.  This went on for about a year or so.  Weekly, sometimes even nightly, these tornado dreams would haunt me.  Dreams about horrible, destructive winds and storms that would dissipate into a small breeze by the time it reached me.  It may have been a metaphor for that time in my life when it seemed like everything was horrible and uncertain, but it was never really as bad as it seemed.  I don't know.

This was a bad week. Not just a bad workout week, but an overall bad week. It started Monday night and by Tuesday it had reached the point where you just can't stop the tears from falling down your face.  Wednesday I woke trying to be optimistic. It would be a better day.  Little did I know that there was a storm brewing and heading toward our little town.  While we were sitting in a conference room eating our lunch, the rain started falling down in buckets.  Within a minute of this, you could feel this movement in the building.  It was a whoosh feeling that I can't really describe but it was followed by a tremble and a sound that traveled from one side of the ceiling to the other, like a tractor was rolling its way across the roof.  Then the lights went out for about 30 seconds.  After our stunned silence, we got up and made our way to the side doors to look outside.  Because that's what your supposed to do when there's a storm-head to the nearest glass area.  The wind was blowing in all directions, but that's all we could see.  We had just been passed by a tornado, and all I could think was that I missed seeing the real deal.

We were safe, and we were ordered to "shelter in place" until released by the police department.  Turns out the tornado did hit a gas station and bike shop just down the street blowing the roof off of one and spreading insulation all over the neighborhood. 

But it could have been so much worse.

Perspective.  Got it.

This did not get me to work out on Wednesday, but I was back in action tonight with Zumba.  I could really feel my leg, and it hurt.  However,I do have an appointment with my miracle worker chiropractors tomorrow.  Regardless, I worked out as hard as I could, but I was careful.  I was just happy to have some motivation for the first time this week.  It was a lovely day. 

But it always is once the dark clouds are gone.

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