Friday, January 13, 2012

Spinning with Stephanie

I am quite upset with the rec center.  I know I have written about an "instructor" at the center named Stephanie who really doesn't instruct.  She is truly a robot.  She leads like a million classes a day, and she is solid as a rock.  She obviously knows what she's doing, but the problem is she doesn't really tell you what you should be doing.  You just kind of have to follow her and hope you can keep up. 

I have to give her props on that.  She doesn't take it easy in any of her classes.  She works out just as hard.  Maybe even harder. 

But when it comes down to it, I haven't been to a spin class since this summer.  The rec center added no new instructors, but it did offer a couple more spin classes.  So I have a choice to make.  I can go to her classes and get what I can out of it, or I can protest and not go.  Which is going to help me?  She can't force me to go beyond my limits, and I know how to pace myself.  I'm only hurting myself by not going.  I can use her class to get what I need, and I have Matt's good instruction to go by.  So off I go.

When I get there, of course she doesn't acknowledge me or offer assistance setting up my bike, but Matt taught me well, and I remembered my settings.  Since she didn't say what pace to keep, I did the flat road pace of 90 rpms.  As the next song came on, we started in with the work.  And she likes to stand up.  We started with just standing.  It may have been my imagination, but I felt like she was watching me.  Seeing if I could keep up.  And I was.  So next up was jumps, but she does jumps differently than Matt.  With Matt's class, we would go up and pedal then sit back down and pedal.  Stephanie's jump was standing up and pedaling and then squatting low and pedaling.  We started with pedaling for four up and four down.  Then we did two up and two down.  Then back to four, then back to two.  We did this for an entire song.  I was pretty impressed with myself, but I was able to keep up with her for the first 35 minutes of class.  I stood when she stood, I increased speed when she said to increase speed, and I increased tension (although slightly) when she said to. 

After the 35 minutes though, I had to sit down; but it wasn't because I was too tired.  It was because my arches hurt from standing on the pedals.  And I really don't think you have to stand up for 1/2 the class to get a good workout.  I didn't sit down the rest of the time, I just gave myself breaks when I started feeling discomfort on my feet.  She did a good job of reminding the class to get water or do whatever you need to take care of yourself.  She said, "Take water breaks when you need them, because I'm not going to give them to you."  (lol)  She also reminded us to keep a flat back.  This made me feel a little better about her.  A little. ;)

It was a good class, and she played really good music.  I'll be back.  I guess spinning with Stephanie was just another fear to conquer. 

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