Sunday, January 22, 2012

New for Sundays

Sunday has been a really easy day to slack.  It's usually busy with church (if I can wake up on time) then babysitting, then grocery shopping for the week.  It's also the day my husband usually does laundry so he can watch sports all day.  So I'm usually outside or something with the little one or just hanging out.  Then it's bedtime and time to get ready for the week, so exercise is really just not on the agenda for this day.

Until now.  Now I have no excuse because they have added a Zumba class at the rec center.  Now I know I could have easily gone to the rec center to work out on my own, but the fact is I haven't.  BUT, now that there is a class on the schedule, it is more motivational for me to get my cookies up there and shake my hips.

Which is what I did today.  I send a group text to my neighbor Dierdre, Tiffany, and Kelly.   Kelly was the only non-responder, but she'll hear all about that tomorrow.  Dierdre was in, and Tiffany would meet me there.  This class is led by a new instructor, Annette, so it was time to check her out.

I recognized her.  She is sometimes in Renae's classes, and she moves really well.  Maybe too well, because I was breaking a sweat by the end of the warm up song!  By the second, I had beads on my forehead, and it only got better from there.  She has some fancy footwork going on, but it was a lot of fun with new songs and choreography.  She also did some older ones that Diah and Renae don't do anymore, like Jai Ho.  Gotta love that.

It was a really good workout, and I could tell my body has gotten way to used to not working out on Sundays, so I guess this was a good way to shock it back to reality.

Dierdre made it through and said it was lots of good fun, and that made me happy.  With our faces as red as tomatoes, we made it home.  Now I can watch TV tonight and not feel so guilty that I didn't really do anything today.

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