Sunday, January 1, 2012

Memorial Park

Happy New Year!!!

I have to say, it's been a great year.  There were goals, some of them met, some of them not, and some of them surpassed dreams I didn't even know I had. 

Goal not met-weight loss.  I've lost 28 pounds, and I'm holding there.  So, immediate goal-lost weight.  I have my first official half marathon race on February 5th, so I have until then to get some weight off in hopes that my Road Runner shirt will fit a little bit better.  I'll limit the carbs to help get there and kick start the weight loss for this month. 

I started the new year's eve off right.  Kelly was out of town, so I chose to do my Saturday run with Angela.  It would be a shorter run for me, but 6 miles would be the longest run for Angela so far.  We went to Memorial Park in Houston which has a 3 mile loop and is a very popular spot for runners.

And popular is beyond what I expected.  As we pulled up to the park, I could not believe how many people were out.  It looked as if there was a race going on there were so many people.  Surely we would get passed quite a bit.  We started off on the trail, which was a gravel trail similar to what is behind my house.  Our first mile went by pretty well, but then we slowed the pace a little and changed the intervals.  We did get passed a lot, but we passed up some too.  People were also going in the other direction, so there was just lots of activity and it seemed that everyone belonged, which was a nice feeling.  Before we knew it, we were on the loop back to the starting point, and we passed a Beck's Prime restaurant next to the golf course.  That was just rude.  People talk about passing donut shops while running but I have to say it's the smell of beef that makes my stomach growl on these runs.  I think it's just rude to have such a place on a jogging trail, but no one asked me.  So distracted by the smell of steaks that I didn't even realize that we did pass our starting point, and we were on mile 4.  Angela was still hanging in there and not complaining.  At least not out loud.  We were heading for mile 5 and she had just hit her new record as four miles is her longest run so far.  When we did get to five miles, she hinted of some anger.  I told her stories of how I used to get so angry and gripe, and poor Kelly would have to put up with me.  But I thought Angela was hiding her anger very well.  She said she had runner's Tourettes, but it must be in her head because I didn't hear many curse words being uttered.  Although I am very familiar with runner's Tourettes, I think they come out of my mouth more often.  As she increases her miles, hers will too I'm sure; and we'll just have to find out what the penalty is for cursing in the Magic Kingdom.

When we got back to our starting point, we weren't quite to six miles; and we had to pass it up.  Then I heard Angela vocalize some of the above mentioned Tourettes.  She wanted to tell everyone we passed that the track lies since it is advertised as a 3 mile loop.  We had to go another .3 to get to six.  But I wanted her to hit six, and I know she wanted it too, because she just kept going.  And then we were at six, and I gave her a high five.  She rocked!!

So, I started off right.  And then I came home and had a protein shake and some bacon for lunch.  I was saving calories since my Dad was going to take us to have Mexican food for dinner.  I even did pretty well at dinner, only having one tortilla with my fajitas.  But then the celebration started.  With margaritas. 

With the margaritas came the playing of Just Dance 3 on the wii.  That was fun, but then we went outside with the neighbors and sat around while the kids played.  And then there were pomegranate martinis.  And another.  And another.  And then champagne.  So I kind of think that I may have doubled my calories for the day just with alcoholic beverages. 

But it was a great night, and I'm off to a good start today.  Eggs and sausage for breakfast, brussel spouts for lunch.  Lots of protein and little carbs.  We'll see if I can hold our for dinner.  There's an immediate goal on hand though, so I'll have to.

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