Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kelly's with Kelly

Saturday, January 7, 2012

For our modified schedule, we had 8 miles to run; and we were to start at 5:30.  Not too bad.  The group was meeting at a restraunt called Kelly's after the run, but Kelly and I had figured we were not going to go. 

As we set our Garmins, Kelly had hers set for 5:1 intervals.  We have a long run next Saturday, so we left it set, and we took off.  The first two miles were a little slower than normal, but we didn't stress about it.  We stopped at the gas station around mile two.  This is becoming a part of the routine, and the guy behind the counter recognized us now.  He asked Kelly how far we were running and wished us luck.  That was cool.  Off we go again, and it seems to me that after this initial 2 miles and pitstop, things just seem to go better.  We get into a groove, and the pace picks up.  As we were running, I kept thinking of bacon and eggs and the huge amount of hash browns that are served at Kelly's.  This is one of those places where everything they serve is oversized.  Seriously, a chicken fried steak covers an entire over-sized platter and could easily feed a small country.  After talking it over, we decided we would join the others; and this gave us something else to look forward to after finishing.

It was a really good run.   I could still feel the little issue in my leg, but it wasn't horrible or enough to make me want to stop.  Well...enough to make me stop.  You kind of always want to stop.  As we rounded the corner to get back to the start, I pointed out to Kelly that next week we would just go again.  16 miles is on the agenda for next Saturday, and we are both kind of freaking out about that!

We got to Kelly's, and it was nice to meet up with the other group members.  We don't see them too often, and it was nice to just kind of reconnect with them.  Most of them are running in the Houston Half and Full Marathon next Sunday.  We originally had wanted to sign up for the 5K on that day since we would be there cheering them on, but after remembering how badly my legs were after our Running of the Bulls weekend, I don't dare do it after running 16 miles the day before.  I have learned my lesson on overdoing it.  So we'll just go and hang out around mile 8 to cheer everyone on and wish them well.

Breakfast was good, and I separated the hash browns so that I would not devour the equivalent of three potatoes.  That is huge for me.  Potatoes are my weakness and I believe the devil's food.

As we were leaving, I thanked Kelly for pushing the 5:1's.  She admitted that she had hoped that I would protest and ask for 2:1's.  But I'm glad we did the 5's since we'll be taking it slow and easy next week for the long run.  The best part is we did the eight miles, we were strong, and we both felt great after.  Neither one of us struggled through any of it, and we both felt like it would have been easy to keep going.

I hope that we feel that way after next Saturday.  It's a long distance, but I told Kelly we can do it.  We always just keep going, and we'll just keep going.  It's the longest distance that we will have to run.  After that, it's all just 13.1.  It's a record that we will reach, and we don't have to go further than that.  We can do it.

Then, I may have to suggest to Kelly that we go to Kelly's again.

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