Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy, Happy Thursdays!

There were no workouts since Monday's spin class.  This for two reasons.  1. The little one got very sick with strep combined with a migraine.  2. Laziness. 

There may have been a sit up or two, but nothing that broke a sweat. 

So it's Thursday, and I went to the rec center a little bit early to get some strength training in before Zumba.  I started with a 7 minute warm up on the elliptical.  Tiffany joined me after that, and we hit the machines.  It was a kind of a haphazard work out.  But I learned my lesson from last week, and I did not torture my triceps.  I did work them, but I did not overdo it.  After working my arms, I worked my abs; and before we knew it, it was time for Zumba!


Class was really full again today with lots of new faces.  Grace Kelly finally made it to a class, but it may have been because I threatened her life.  (not really)  She said, "I really need to run!" and I said, "You really need to Zumba!"  So I was happy, happy, happy when I saw her there.  Class started, and I think all three of us really needed the stress relief, because we were into the music and laughing together.  When you feel that good, it's easy to just get into the music and not worry about how you look.  This combined with the fact that we were in a part of the room with no mirrors made for a free-spirited, full-out dance session!  Without mirrors you get to keep the image of what you look like in your head.  She picked great songs with only a couple of strange new ones, and thank goodness, no Ricky Martin! 

When class was about to end and Diah announced we were going to cool down, two of the ladies shouted, "Uno mas!!"  And Diah agreed!  She never agrees when I say it! ;)  So she went to change the music and they started hollering out to do "Pause."  So we did the Pause song, and it was great.  The next song played before she could stop it, and I kept dancing.  Kelly and Tiffany looked at me like I was crazy, and they said they needed whatever I was drinking as I bounced around them in circles. 

After they took bets that I would be sleeping at my desk tomorrow, we ventured out into the cold to go back home.  And I drove home feeling so happy and refreshed!  I so love Thursdays!!  And I think the added 1/2 strength training just makes it even better. 

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