Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guilt Trips

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Even though I had not been out every night since Thursday as my husband said, I felt like I had been away from home quite a bit.  Thursday was Zumba night.  Saturday was the long run and then a night out with the girls, Sunday morning Kelly and I had gone to the Houston Marathon to cheer on the group, and Monday night was women's group.  So although I know I needed a workout, I felt bad about leaving again.  This was reiterated when my husband asked, "Where are you going tonight?"  I told him I should be going to Zumba, but I was going to stay put since he was implying that I was out too much.  As he was telling me to go ahead and go the little one bear hugged me and begged me not to go.  So I said I wouldn't.  Then as she's giving me a guilt trip, my husband started telling her not to give me a guilt trip and gave her a guilt trip over giving me a guilt trip.  I reminded him that he was the one that started with the guilt trips. 

But then, great guy that he is, he took her outside to walk the dog and play with the kids that were outside as long as she let me go.  So off I go to Zumba with a new teacher, Lisa, on a new night.  On the way, I made plans to do some strength training with my neighbor after the kiddo went to sleep.

The last time I went to a class with this instructor was a long time ago and it was a Zumba Gold class.  I didn't really like it as it just didn't have the same energy as Renae's class, but then again, I have never seen another class that has energy's like Renae's (although Diah's is pretty close.)  I got to class late, but I jumped right in.  I notice right away that the music isn't as loud, but it was fun.  She played a lot of different music, so it was cool to have  new routines.  There was some pretty fast footwork but not a lot of real high intensity.  I did get a good workout, and I did enjoy the class.

I think she's just a neat lady.  She has a special-needs son, and she works well with all  people.  She is also a musician and plays the guitar for children at the library.  And she does Zumba.  She's just pretty cool.

And my neighbor texted me while I was on my way home to tell me she wouldn't be able to work out. I was bummed because I didn't want to go back that late by myself. I thought about texting her back.  But I didn't.  Because I would have given her a guilt trip.

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