Tuesday, January 31, 2012

And Finally

Forever now, I have wanted to run from my home to the recreation center.  Several times I was going to, but then the weather was bad, no one was going to Zumba who could give me a ride back home, or I just plain chickened out. 

Today, my mom was taking the little one swimming.  I found this out after I ate, but I was going to take the opportunity to go for a run anyway.  I realized it was the perfect opportunity to do it.  So I laced up and got ready to go.  I checked the radar, and it didn't look like it was going to rain; I was good to go. 

I set the Garmin and took off on the trail.  Things were going well and then I looked down and realized the Garmin was dead!  CRAP!!!!!  I was so looking forward to seeing the results of this run.  I turned on the MapMyRun app on my phone, so I would have at least have the time.

It all went well.  It ended up being right at 3 miles, but it was a track filled with adversity.  First the Garmin had forsaken me, or maybe the battery just died.  Then there were huge ditches to muddle through, or maybe they were just puddles of water on the trail.  Then there was the jungle cross, or maybe it was really just a park.  And I can't forget about the mountain I had to climb, or maybe it was just the Bailey bridge.  It wasn't my best time, averaging right at 15 minutes per mile; but I have to think that's okay since I had just eaten my dinner. 

Once I got there, I checked in with my mom and then went to catch a Zumba class that had already started.  I got to shake it for the half hour that was left of it.  My face was tomato red, but I felt good and salty.

So finally, today I met a personal challenge that I have been thinking about for several months if not almost a year.  It was kind of scary running alone on this route in the evening, and having to cross a busy highway was kind of nerve racking.  I realized half way through it that I should have had music to listen to; I'll have to do that next time.

Because there will be a next time.


  1. I have been following you and wanted to say - use your music on low so that you are aware of your surroundings! Take care and keep blogging. You are an inspirtation!!

    1. Thanks, Kristi!

      Thanks for the advice! And THANK YOU for reading! =)