Tuesday, January 31, 2012

And Finally

Forever now, I have wanted to run from my home to the recreation center.  Several times I was going to, but then the weather was bad, no one was going to Zumba who could give me a ride back home, or I just plain chickened out. 

Today, my mom was taking the little one swimming.  I found this out after I ate, but I was going to take the opportunity to go for a run anyway.  I realized it was the perfect opportunity to do it.  So I laced up and got ready to go.  I checked the radar, and it didn't look like it was going to rain; I was good to go. 

I set the Garmin and took off on the trail.  Things were going well and then I looked down and realized the Garmin was dead!  CRAP!!!!!  I was so looking forward to seeing the results of this run.  I turned on the MapMyRun app on my phone, so I would have at least have the time.

It all went well.  It ended up being right at 3 miles, but it was a track filled with adversity.  First the Garmin had forsaken me, or maybe the battery just died.  Then there were huge ditches to muddle through, or maybe they were just puddles of water on the trail.  Then there was the jungle cross, or maybe it was really just a park.  And I can't forget about the mountain I had to climb, or maybe it was just the Bailey bridge.  It wasn't my best time, averaging right at 15 minutes per mile; but I have to think that's okay since I had just eaten my dinner. 

Once I got there, I checked in with my mom and then went to catch a Zumba class that had already started.  I got to shake it for the half hour that was left of it.  My face was tomato red, but I felt good and salty.

So finally, today I met a personal challenge that I have been thinking about for several months if not almost a year.  It was kind of scary running alone on this route in the evening, and having to cross a busy highway was kind of nerve racking.  I realized half way through it that I should have had music to listen to; I'll have to do that next time.

Because there will be a next time.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Winter Dash

Kelly and I were almost giddy with the fact that we could sleep in this Saturday.  We wouldn't have to wake up until 6:30 and we would only have to run 5 miles.  It was quite the reprieve.  People still think we're crazy for being happy about getting up at 6:30, but you just can't get it if you don't live it, I guess.

As I was lacing up my shoes, I was telling Kelly that I almost feel like I've lost my gusto for running.  I wasn't as excited about it and the excitement for waking up for our Saturday runs was gone.  The "want" to just stay in bed was getting stronger and stronger, and I just didn't get it.  She said she felt the same, and I was relieved that it wasn't just me.  Maybe it was the 16 miles.  Those last two miles sucked so badly.  Then last week's bad run was still lingering in my mind.  Maybe all we needed was a good run.  My tired eyes looked over at her with her tired eyes, and told her that.  "Let's just have a good run.  Let's enjoy this five miles."

So we took off, this time from my house.  It was cold out, but we warmed up pretty quickly.  As we ran in the neighborhood, we passed another runner.  He was wearing a green shirt and going pretty fast, and he said good morning.  Around mile three, he passed us up again, this time from behind.  And when I say he passed us up, I mean he passed us up!  It seemed like within minutes, he was a mere speck of green way up ahead in the distance.  And I bet he wasn't even really trying.  Geez!

By this time, we were feeling pretty good.  Both of us were glad to be out and feeling good.  As we rounded the street heading to the park, I realized we were closer to finishing the five miles than I thought.  I told Kelly we could probably make a turn at the trail and head back to the house and we would be at 5 miles, and if not...
"We can round up?" Kelly asked.  Well, Kelly, what I was going to say was keep going, but I guess rounding would work too.  We had a good laugh about that and I found myself thinking of running the half marathon next week, running on the seawall along side the beach, and laughing with my friend.  When we got back to the house, we were at 5.25 miles, so rounding wasn't necessary after all. 

After our five mile run, we went out to the campus where we used to start our runs as they were having a 5K to benefit one of the high schools.  We went out there to support our fellow Warrior Princess Leslie and her son who I'm sure will be in the Olympic trials one day.  Also, my friend and future Dirty Girl, Holly, was running, and I wanted to cheer her on as well.  It was fun being on the cheering side, and we saw Coach Ric and a couple of other Road Runners there, too.

I talked with Coach about how negative I was feeling, and of course, he made me feel so much better.  They (the full marathoners) went through that too after their long run of 29 miles.  It's kind of like a milestone that you feel like you're done, but you're not.  He said once I got to the race and the crowd and adrenaline and all, it all comes back.  And I hope it does. 

I have been so bad about getting my weekly runs in, and I thought this week I HAVE to get them in.  Then I thought, what if I hurt myself?  Maybe I should just stay home and not move.

But instead I went to Zumba today.  Once again the "want" to not go was strong, but that's exactly why I had to go.  Unfortunately, I was the only one of my peeps that went, and it just wasn't the same without them.  To top it off, I was late so I was on a different side of the room next to a couple of very cute, young girls.  I had to move away from them.  They are bad for my self image.  So is the shirt I decided to wear today, so that is now in a give away pile. 

Countdown to Mardi Gras Half-7 days!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Texas Tornado

A few years ago, I had nightmares about tornadoes on a regular basis.  They were always so real, and I would think, while I was dreaming, that I was really awake this time; and that I was seeing a real tornado.  This went on for about a year or so.  Weekly, sometimes even nightly, these tornado dreams would haunt me.  Dreams about horrible, destructive winds and storms that would dissipate into a small breeze by the time it reached me.  It may have been a metaphor for that time in my life when it seemed like everything was horrible and uncertain, but it was never really as bad as it seemed.  I don't know.

This was a bad week. Not just a bad workout week, but an overall bad week. It started Monday night and by Tuesday it had reached the point where you just can't stop the tears from falling down your face.  Wednesday I woke trying to be optimistic. It would be a better day.  Little did I know that there was a storm brewing and heading toward our little town.  While we were sitting in a conference room eating our lunch, the rain started falling down in buckets.  Within a minute of this, you could feel this movement in the building.  It was a whoosh feeling that I can't really describe but it was followed by a tremble and a sound that traveled from one side of the ceiling to the other, like a tractor was rolling its way across the roof.  Then the lights went out for about 30 seconds.  After our stunned silence, we got up and made our way to the side doors to look outside.  Because that's what your supposed to do when there's a storm-head to the nearest glass area.  The wind was blowing in all directions, but that's all we could see.  We had just been passed by a tornado, and all I could think was that I missed seeing the real deal.

We were safe, and we were ordered to "shelter in place" until released by the police department.  Turns out the tornado did hit a gas station and bike shop just down the street blowing the roof off of one and spreading insulation all over the neighborhood. 

But it could have been so much worse.

Perspective.  Got it.

This did not get me to work out on Wednesday, but I was back in action tonight with Zumba.  I could really feel my leg, and it hurt.  However,I do have an appointment with my miracle worker chiropractors tomorrow.  Regardless, I worked out as hard as I could, but I was careful.  I was just happy to have some motivation for the first time this week.  It was a lovely day. 

But it always is once the dark clouds are gone.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wear Your Warrior Helmet to Work Day

Warrior Dash posted on Facebook that January 20th was National "Wear Your Warrior Helmet to Work Day."

As Warrior Princesses, I felt we had to oblige.  So here we are, at Warrior Dash ISD, sporting our helmets.

From left to right, Princess Leslie, Kelly, and Candi

Of course, I had to add a tiara!

New for Sundays

Sunday has been a really easy day to slack.  It's usually busy with church (if I can wake up on time) then babysitting, then grocery shopping for the week.  It's also the day my husband usually does laundry so he can watch sports all day.  So I'm usually outside or something with the little one or just hanging out.  Then it's bedtime and time to get ready for the week, so exercise is really just not on the agenda for this day.

Until now.  Now I have no excuse because they have added a Zumba class at the rec center.  Now I know I could have easily gone to the rec center to work out on my own, but the fact is I haven't.  BUT, now that there is a class on the schedule, it is more motivational for me to get my cookies up there and shake my hips.

Which is what I did today.  I send a group text to my neighbor Dierdre, Tiffany, and Kelly.   Kelly was the only non-responder, but she'll hear all about that tomorrow.  Dierdre was in, and Tiffany would meet me there.  This class is led by a new instructor, Annette, so it was time to check her out.

I recognized her.  She is sometimes in Renae's classes, and she moves really well.  Maybe too well, because I was breaking a sweat by the end of the warm up song!  By the second, I had beads on my forehead, and it only got better from there.  She has some fancy footwork going on, but it was a lot of fun with new songs and choreography.  She also did some older ones that Diah and Renae don't do anymore, like Jai Ho.  Gotta love that.

It was a really good workout, and I could tell my body has gotten way to used to not working out on Sundays, so I guess this was a good way to shock it back to reality.

Dierdre made it through and said it was lots of good fun, and that made me happy.  With our faces as red as tomatoes, we made it home.  Now I can watch TV tonight and not feel so guilty that I didn't really do anything today.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bad Run Day


It's been a while since I've just really had an off day, so I guess I was due.  I woke up at 4:45 feeling great.  I was even singing Party Rock Anthem in my head as I was brushing me teeth and filling my fuel belt.  Today's assignment was 10 mile repeats (yuk!), and Kelly and I had decided that we would just run 12 miles total since keeping up with them gets kind of challenging. 

It is unseasonably warm for this time of year, and this morning was particularly muggy.  But off we go for our run.  We ran the first warm up mile without stopping and then took our 4 minute walk break to prepare for the repeats.  My Garmin is in protest mode because it refused to beep to alert us of the 1 mile, 4 minute intervals.  >=(

Then we took off for our first mile repeat.  The point of this is to get you to run at a faster pace by alternating running and walking.  But as soon as we took off, I could feel my leg with shooting pain.  I thought I'd give it some time to warm up.  By mile three, however, it wasn't any better.  I didn't know what to do.  Is this pain that I should worry about?  Or is this pain that a Warrior Princess should push past.  I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. 

Finally, I ask Kelly if we can just do an 8-mile run.  Graciously, (true to her Grace Kelly name) she agreed.  But we had passed the turn for our 8 mile route, so we had to figure out what to do.  We would have to run 1/2 mile past our turn and make our way back to get in 8.  But we could do it.

With each passing repeat, I could still feel the pain in my leg, but now it was also in my right buttock.  That I could get past.  But the repeats were awful.  I couldn't keep up a good pace that make the repeats what they are.  I was slowing us down.  When we got to the turn, I told Kelly we would have to just head back and give up that mile.  She understood, but I was still wrestling with myself.  Am I wimping out, or am I making the right choice?

Around mile 6, not only was I feeling my leg and my booty, I was now feeling my knee.  I am guessing that I was compensating somehow with my leg and that's why other parts were hurting.  But still. I could handle that other stuff, but I was scared of hurting myself so close to race day.

So we made it back, and we were at 7 miles.  7 instead of 12, and I was disappointed.  Disappointed and yet guiltily happy that it was over.  I am chalking it up to it was just an overall bad run day.  I know they exist.  And I guess it was my turn.

I'm trying to hang on to the fact that it's better that it happened today and not on February 5th. 

T- minus 15 days!

Zumba v. Weights

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yesterday was such a nice day out.  I'm still disgruntled about the fact that it is January and I'm having to wear short sleeve shirts; but it was the kind of day that makes you want to get out and run.  But life gets in the way.  And life is good, don't get me wrong.  It just interfered with me getting in a good run.

Cut to today.  Although there would be no run, it was Zumba night.  Tiffany met me at the gym 30 minutes before class to get some strength training in.  I did a quick 7 minute warm up on the elliptical and then started working on my arms.  My leg is still giving me fits, so I went to the mat to use the foam roller and try to work out whatever is going on.  But that thing HURTS!  I think I worked up more of a sweat rolling myself around on that thing than I would in class.  And to make matters worse, it didn't help.

But to class, we go; and I was lucky enough to get the spot where there is no mirror action going on.  Class started off with Sexy and I Know It, so you know it's gonna be a fun night.  Diah played a lot of older songs, so it was fun!  She also added some rendition of Ice Ice Baby which keeps us cracking up.  I had forgotten those little slip on things that turn your running shoes into Zumba shoes, so I had to be careful.  I was also careful not to do antyhing that gave my leg any "bad" discomfort, but it didn't stop any of us from having fun and rocking the house.  During one of the older songs, Kelly gave me a look that let me know she was ready to "do her own thing", so we broke out and really let it go, and we were cracking up. 

I LOVE this class!

I wish weight training was this much fun.  I'd want to do it every day!  Or at least for an hour in a row.  Maybe there's some sort of hypnosis that can make that happen.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guilt Trips

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Even though I had not been out every night since Thursday as my husband said, I felt like I had been away from home quite a bit.  Thursday was Zumba night.  Saturday was the long run and then a night out with the girls, Sunday morning Kelly and I had gone to the Houston Marathon to cheer on the group, and Monday night was women's group.  So although I know I needed a workout, I felt bad about leaving again.  This was reiterated when my husband asked, "Where are you going tonight?"  I told him I should be going to Zumba, but I was going to stay put since he was implying that I was out too much.  As he was telling me to go ahead and go the little one bear hugged me and begged me not to go.  So I said I wouldn't.  Then as she's giving me a guilt trip, my husband started telling her not to give me a guilt trip and gave her a guilt trip over giving me a guilt trip.  I reminded him that he was the one that started with the guilt trips. 

But then, great guy that he is, he took her outside to walk the dog and play with the kids that were outside as long as she let me go.  So off I go to Zumba with a new teacher, Lisa, on a new night.  On the way, I made plans to do some strength training with my neighbor after the kiddo went to sleep.

The last time I went to a class with this instructor was a long time ago and it was a Zumba Gold class.  I didn't really like it as it just didn't have the same energy as Renae's class, but then again, I have never seen another class that has energy's like Renae's (although Diah's is pretty close.)  I got to class late, but I jumped right in.  I notice right away that the music isn't as loud, but it was fun.  She played a lot of different music, so it was cool to have  new routines.  There was some pretty fast footwork but not a lot of real high intensity.  I did get a good workout, and I did enjoy the class.

I think she's just a neat lady.  She has a special-needs son, and she works well with all  people.  She is also a musician and plays the guitar for children at the library.  And she does Zumba.  She's just pretty cool.

And my neighbor texted me while I was on my way home to tell me she wouldn't be able to work out. I was bummed because I didn't want to go back that late by myself. I thought about texting her back.  But I didn't.  Because I would have given her a guilt trip.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Record

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ever since I joined Pearland Area Road Runners, there has been this date looming on the calendar.  It was the day that we were scheduled to run 16 miles.  Being that I only wanted to run 3 miles easily, I laughed when I saw this, and I knew I would never, EVER, run 16 miles.

Well, the schedule moved around, and the calendar changed, but the day arrived where Kelly and I were to run 16 miles.  There was lots of stress this week leading up to it.  Fear.  Stress and fear.  But mostly fear.  Kelly was really nervous about it.  The way I looked at it we would run 16 and then we were done.  We would never have to go any further.  That would be the record, and we could be happy with that. 

Most of the group was running in the Houston Marathon on Sunday, so as far as we knew, we were the only ones running Saturday.  We decided we would do our 8 mile route twice, and we would start at 5:30. 

And we did.  Actually it was 5:45, but since it was just us, we weren't worried about being late. We had planned on taking it easy and just completing it without worrying about time, although we thought it would take us about 5 hours.  So off we go.  It was a very cold 33 degrees, but it wasn't windy.  This was good.  It didn't take long to warm up and we found a groove pretty quickly.  As we approached mile 2, we stopped at the gas station for a quick bathroom break.  They guy is used to us stopping there now and wished us luck since he would be gone before round two. 

The first loop of 8 miles went by without a hitch.  We felt pretty good, and we stopped for a quick stretch break before starting the second loop.  We stopped again at the gas station.  We split a Cliff bar, and off we went again.  We turned again into this neighborhood that has a man made creek on one side of the road.  We haven't ran by the water since the very first time we ran this route, and that time it was dark.  So I asked Kelly if we could move over to run by the fountains and get a better view of the ducks that we always hear.  We crossed the street and soon enough we were approaching the ducks.  They scattered and quacked at us, and then we saw the goose.  He was not moving.  He sat there, and Kelly said he would hold his own and probably chase us.  Sure enough, we got closer and he just stood there.  We got even closer and he honked at us, but he didn't move.  In fact, he defecated right there on the sidewalk as if to let us know what he thought of us trying to invade his space.  Not only did we go around the goose, I actually had to look behind to make sure he wasn't chasing us.  Then we noticed all the poo.  The sidewalk was covered with poo!  Duck and goose poo everywhere! 

Next time, we'll stay on the other side of the street.

Around 11 miles is when we notice the temperature had warmed up, so layers started coming off.  When we passed the 12 mile mark, Kelly got a notice on her Garmin that the battery was low.  I thought I could set mine for the intervals that we were doing and it would keep my miles, but I was wrong.  It reset the mileage.  On top of messing that up, my Garmin was not doing intervals.  I don't know why, but there were no beeps to be heard.  I tried a couple of times.  So now, I have no idea where we are on the miles.  And we're starting to get a little tired.

We got to the point where we are thinking we are at 14 miles. We stopped for a stretch break, and apparently my brain took a break too because I couldn't add the distances together to figure out where we were.  Kelly suggested going straight and heading back which would be 1.6 more miles.  But I just wasn't convinced that that would get us there.  If we turned and made the same exact loop, we would be guaranteed to reach 16.  "Is that what you want to do?" Kelly asked. 

It was.  I was tired, and 1.6 miles sounded much better than 2.7, but I wanted to get to 16 miles.  I wanted to reach 16 miles.  So we took a deep breath and started again.  Immediately, my body went into protest mode.  My legs were tight and I felt like my hips were trying to lock up.  I laughed and said to Kelly, "Oh gosh, I hope I didn't make the wrong choice!"   Soon enough the Garmin beeped to give us our walking break.  I took long steps to try to work out some of the kinks in my hips, but before I could even take a second, our minute break was over and the Garmin beeped. 

"Oh, fuck you." I said out loud. 

Kelly cracked up.  That's what I was resorting to.  Cursing at a Garmin.  And there she is laughing at my pain.  ;)

We continued on.  Another mile went by.  More minutes go by.  We were not talking.  All we could hear was the sounds of our feet on the pavement.  Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.  We were in our last mile.  And it hurt.  I found myself biting my lip.  I had a blister on my left foot.  There was pain through the numbness, and we still had half a mile to go.  But never was there a time when I doubted that we would make it.  I knew we would, because that's what we do.  We just keep going. 

I looked up, and there was the end.  We had made it, and we could stop in just a few more steps. 

Kelly had the biggest smile on our face as we high-fived.  I hate to think of what my face looked like, because although I was so happy, I think it was scrunched up in pain and agony. 

When we got back to the cars, I laid down in the middle of the parking lot to stretch.  Yes, in the middle of the parking lot.  It's a professional building, and I wondered if anyone would come out to check on me, but no one did.  I stretched my calves.  I stretched my hips.  I did everything I could think of, but when I got up, I was still feeling stiff and sore.  I could have easily have stayed on the ground for a few more minutes or even an hour, but I got up to head home. 

I had a hard time getting out of the car.  It was like back in the beginning when I was sore all the time.  As I hobbled into the house, my husband had breakfast ready for me.  I was thrilled, and I devoured it in no time. 

So now, I have reached  a record, and it will be my record for some time.  My friend, Lynn, posted on my facebook that 26.2 was next, but I can honestly say that after this 16.23 mile run, I have NO desire to run another 10.  And since it took us 4 hours and 50 minutes to do 16, there is no way I could ever meet a time limit to run a full Marathon anyway. 

No. 16 is where it's at for now.  Sweet sixteen as my friend Dianne says.  And I feel pretty damn good about it.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy, Happy Thursdays!

There were no workouts since Monday's spin class.  This for two reasons.  1. The little one got very sick with strep combined with a migraine.  2. Laziness. 

There may have been a sit up or two, but nothing that broke a sweat. 

So it's Thursday, and I went to the rec center a little bit early to get some strength training in before Zumba.  I started with a 7 minute warm up on the elliptical.  Tiffany joined me after that, and we hit the machines.  It was a kind of a haphazard work out.  But I learned my lesson from last week, and I did not torture my triceps.  I did work them, but I did not overdo it.  After working my arms, I worked my abs; and before we knew it, it was time for Zumba!


Class was really full again today with lots of new faces.  Grace Kelly finally made it to a class, but it may have been because I threatened her life.  (not really)  She said, "I really need to run!" and I said, "You really need to Zumba!"  So I was happy, happy, happy when I saw her there.  Class started, and I think all three of us really needed the stress relief, because we were into the music and laughing together.  When you feel that good, it's easy to just get into the music and not worry about how you look.  This combined with the fact that we were in a part of the room with no mirrors made for a free-spirited, full-out dance session!  Without mirrors you get to keep the image of what you look like in your head.  She picked great songs with only a couple of strange new ones, and thank goodness, no Ricky Martin! 

When class was about to end and Diah announced we were going to cool down, two of the ladies shouted, "Uno mas!!"  And Diah agreed!  She never agrees when I say it! ;)  So she went to change the music and they started hollering out to do "Pause."  So we did the Pause song, and it was great.  The next song played before she could stop it, and I kept dancing.  Kelly and Tiffany looked at me like I was crazy, and they said they needed whatever I was drinking as I bounced around them in circles. 

After they took bets that I would be sleeping at my desk tomorrow, we ventured out into the cold to go back home.  And I drove home feeling so happy and refreshed!  I so love Thursdays!!  And I think the added 1/2 strength training just makes it even better. 

Spinning with Stephanie

I am quite upset with the rec center.  I know I have written about an "instructor" at the center named Stephanie who really doesn't instruct.  She is truly a robot.  She leads like a million classes a day, and she is solid as a rock.  She obviously knows what she's doing, but the problem is she doesn't really tell you what you should be doing.  You just kind of have to follow her and hope you can keep up. 

I have to give her props on that.  She doesn't take it easy in any of her classes.  She works out just as hard.  Maybe even harder. 

But when it comes down to it, I haven't been to a spin class since this summer.  The rec center added no new instructors, but it did offer a couple more spin classes.  So I have a choice to make.  I can go to her classes and get what I can out of it, or I can protest and not go.  Which is going to help me?  She can't force me to go beyond my limits, and I know how to pace myself.  I'm only hurting myself by not going.  I can use her class to get what I need, and I have Matt's good instruction to go by.  So off I go.

When I get there, of course she doesn't acknowledge me or offer assistance setting up my bike, but Matt taught me well, and I remembered my settings.  Since she didn't say what pace to keep, I did the flat road pace of 90 rpms.  As the next song came on, we started in with the work.  And she likes to stand up.  We started with just standing.  It may have been my imagination, but I felt like she was watching me.  Seeing if I could keep up.  And I was.  So next up was jumps, but she does jumps differently than Matt.  With Matt's class, we would go up and pedal then sit back down and pedal.  Stephanie's jump was standing up and pedaling and then squatting low and pedaling.  We started with pedaling for four up and four down.  Then we did two up and two down.  Then back to four, then back to two.  We did this for an entire song.  I was pretty impressed with myself, but I was able to keep up with her for the first 35 minutes of class.  I stood when she stood, I increased speed when she said to increase speed, and I increased tension (although slightly) when she said to. 

After the 35 minutes though, I had to sit down; but it wasn't because I was too tired.  It was because my arches hurt from standing on the pedals.  And I really don't think you have to stand up for 1/2 the class to get a good workout.  I didn't sit down the rest of the time, I just gave myself breaks when I started feeling discomfort on my feet.  She did a good job of reminding the class to get water or do whatever you need to take care of yourself.  She said, "Take water breaks when you need them, because I'm not going to give them to you."  (lol)  She also reminded us to keep a flat back.  This made me feel a little better about her.  A little. ;)

It was a good class, and she played really good music.  I'll be back.  I guess spinning with Stephanie was just another fear to conquer. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kelly's with Kelly

Saturday, January 7, 2012

For our modified schedule, we had 8 miles to run; and we were to start at 5:30.  Not too bad.  The group was meeting at a restraunt called Kelly's after the run, but Kelly and I had figured we were not going to go. 

As we set our Garmins, Kelly had hers set for 5:1 intervals.  We have a long run next Saturday, so we left it set, and we took off.  The first two miles were a little slower than normal, but we didn't stress about it.  We stopped at the gas station around mile two.  This is becoming a part of the routine, and the guy behind the counter recognized us now.  He asked Kelly how far we were running and wished us luck.  That was cool.  Off we go again, and it seems to me that after this initial 2 miles and pitstop, things just seem to go better.  We get into a groove, and the pace picks up.  As we were running, I kept thinking of bacon and eggs and the huge amount of hash browns that are served at Kelly's.  This is one of those places where everything they serve is oversized.  Seriously, a chicken fried steak covers an entire over-sized platter and could easily feed a small country.  After talking it over, we decided we would join the others; and this gave us something else to look forward to after finishing.

It was a really good run.   I could still feel the little issue in my leg, but it wasn't horrible or enough to make me want to stop.  Well...enough to make me stop.  You kind of always want to stop.  As we rounded the corner to get back to the start, I pointed out to Kelly that next week we would just go again.  16 miles is on the agenda for next Saturday, and we are both kind of freaking out about that!

We got to Kelly's, and it was nice to meet up with the other group members.  We don't see them too often, and it was nice to just kind of reconnect with them.  Most of them are running in the Houston Half and Full Marathon next Sunday.  We originally had wanted to sign up for the 5K on that day since we would be there cheering them on, but after remembering how badly my legs were after our Running of the Bulls weekend, I don't dare do it after running 16 miles the day before.  I have learned my lesson on overdoing it.  So we'll just go and hang out around mile 8 to cheer everyone on and wish them well.

Breakfast was good, and I separated the hash browns so that I would not devour the equivalent of three potatoes.  That is huge for me.  Potatoes are my weakness and I believe the devil's food.

As we were leaving, I thanked Kelly for pushing the 5:1's.  She admitted that she had hoped that I would protest and ask for 2:1's.  But I'm glad we did the 5's since we'll be taking it slow and easy next week for the long run.  The best part is we did the eight miles, we were strong, and we both felt great after.  Neither one of us struggled through any of it, and we both felt like it would have been easy to keep going.

I hope that we feel that way after next Saturday.  It's a long distance, but I told Kelly we can do it.  We always just keep going, and we'll just keep going.  It's the longest distance that we will have to run.  After that, it's all just 13.1.  It's a record that we will reach, and we don't have to go further than that.  We can do it.

Then, I may have to suggest to Kelly that we go to Kelly's again.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tricept Terror

January 5, 2012

I was sleepy when I came home on Thursday.  So sleepy in fact that when my husband took the little one for ice cream for her good report card, I stayed home and took a nap.  Just 15 minutes, but it was a nap nonetheless.

So in trying to keep up with the weight training and getting back into the groove, I set out to the rec center a little bit early on Thursday.  I figured I could get a good 30 minute workout in before Zumba.  You're supposed to do your strength before cardio, so this would be perfect; and I'll still make it home in time to put the little one to bed.

Off I go, and I did a quick warm up on the elliptical.  I started watching Seinfeld, and I have to admit I wanted to stay on the machine just so I could finish watching it.  I always wonder what people think when you laugh out loud on a machine, but I figure it's one of three things.
  1. They think that I'm crazy
  2. They have headphones on and can't hear me anyway
  3. They really just don't care!
I think it's probably #2 or #3.  Rather than going to the mat with weights, I decided to save time and just hit the machines.  I know this is not as effective, but I was in a time crunch.  Tiffany met me, and we hit the machines while I focused on the arms.  They really don't have a good machine for triceps, so I went to the free weight side.  It was the last muscle I focused on, and I pressed my arms down til I could feel them burning.  Burn, baby burn!

Soon enough, we walked over to the room.  There was a crowd. I guess people are making their new year's resolutions to lose weight.  There were over 40 people in there!  It's sad, but someone said give it a couple of weeks, and it will go back to normal.  It's probably true.  Maybe this will be the year that more people stick to their fitness resolutions.  Let's hope so.  It is achievable!

Anyway, I don't know if it was the nap or the strength training, but I was re energized and ready to go!  I felt great, and I was full of life.  Class started and I just had a blast!   Tammy laughed and asked me what I drank for dinner.  I love that we can get a good workout, laugh, and hang out all at the same time. 

I've been feeling a little stitch in my lower thigh above my knee for a little over a week, and I did start feeling it more so.  I was just careful, but I still gave it my all.   Love it, love it, love it!  But I am getting concerned about my leg.  But...within the next couple of days, the leg pain would take a backseat as the workout on my triceps would be front and center in my mind as I woke up the next morning, and I couldn't figure out why my elbows hurt.  Elbows! Then I realized that it was my arms and it just extended to my elbows.  I knew I was in trouble if I was already feeling that sore so early in the morning.

And it got worse.

And worse.

And by the next day, I couldn't bend my arms.  Not completely anyway.  It was hard to brush my hair.  It was hard to hold the phone up to my ear.  It was hard to itch my nose.  My arms hurt sooooo bad.  I must have worked them really hard, and they are paying me back for the terror I put them through. 

Paybacks.  It's all paybacks.  But eventually, I'll have the last word.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Treadmill

Wednesday, January 3, 2012

My neighbor, Dierdre, offered me a treadmill.  It's very nice, and I thought it would be a great item to have for those nights where it's too late to run or raining or something else.  I could keep it in the garage, and it would be there when I need it.  Great idea!

But there is underlying tension now due to the treadmill.  I wanted it in the garage.  1-because it's a very large treadmill.  It's not one that you can fold up and slide under the bed and our living room will not accommodate it without it being too instusive.  2.-I prefer not to run on it in the living room because a) I do not like to exercise while everyone is watching me or sitting around doing nothing and b) if I waited till everyone went to bed, it would probably be too loud.  3.-because it is so large and I only want to use it on occasion, the clutter it creates is not justified.

Monday, my husband was off, so he put up all the Christmas decorations.  And he set up the treadmill.  In the living room.  In the corner.  In front of my piano.  Then there were words and basically he put his foot down and said that it was not going on the garage, and we would have to get rid of it.  So I guess we'll be getting rid of it.

But after putting the little one to sleep, the house was all quiet.  Mom was gone.  Hubs was gone.  Oldest was out.  So I hopped on.  I am not ashamed to admit that I am a weakling and a coward when it comes to elevation.  So imagine my shock and horror when I stepped on and I'm on an incline.  I pressed the down slope button, but it is as low as it can go.  But it's inclined!  You can look at it and see that it is.  So I hop on and start running.  I had to slow down.  I knew running on a treadmill would be different and maybe difficult, but I believe it was even more so with the incline. 

I made it through one mile before the phone rang, but to be honest, I was glad that the interruption came.  I don't understand why a treadmill is so different.  It's just harder.  I can't believe I have become the person who would rather be outside running.  What a difference a year makes.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Memorial Park

Happy New Year!!!

I have to say, it's been a great year.  There were goals, some of them met, some of them not, and some of them surpassed dreams I didn't even know I had. 

Goal not met-weight loss.  I've lost 28 pounds, and I'm holding there.  So, immediate goal-lost weight.  I have my first official half marathon race on February 5th, so I have until then to get some weight off in hopes that my Road Runner shirt will fit a little bit better.  I'll limit the carbs to help get there and kick start the weight loss for this month. 

I started the new year's eve off right.  Kelly was out of town, so I chose to do my Saturday run with Angela.  It would be a shorter run for me, but 6 miles would be the longest run for Angela so far.  We went to Memorial Park in Houston which has a 3 mile loop and is a very popular spot for runners.

And popular is beyond what I expected.  As we pulled up to the park, I could not believe how many people were out.  It looked as if there was a race going on there were so many people.  Surely we would get passed quite a bit.  We started off on the trail, which was a gravel trail similar to what is behind my house.  Our first mile went by pretty well, but then we slowed the pace a little and changed the intervals.  We did get passed a lot, but we passed up some too.  People were also going in the other direction, so there was just lots of activity and it seemed that everyone belonged, which was a nice feeling.  Before we knew it, we were on the loop back to the starting point, and we passed a Beck's Prime restaurant next to the golf course.  That was just rude.  People talk about passing donut shops while running but I have to say it's the smell of beef that makes my stomach growl on these runs.  I think it's just rude to have such a place on a jogging trail, but no one asked me.  So distracted by the smell of steaks that I didn't even realize that we did pass our starting point, and we were on mile 4.  Angela was still hanging in there and not complaining.  At least not out loud.  We were heading for mile 5 and she had just hit her new record as four miles is her longest run so far.  When we did get to five miles, she hinted of some anger.  I told her stories of how I used to get so angry and gripe, and poor Kelly would have to put up with me.  But I thought Angela was hiding her anger very well.  She said she had runner's Tourettes, but it must be in her head because I didn't hear many curse words being uttered.  Although I am very familiar with runner's Tourettes, I think they come out of my mouth more often.  As she increases her miles, hers will too I'm sure; and we'll just have to find out what the penalty is for cursing in the Magic Kingdom.

When we got back to our starting point, we weren't quite to six miles; and we had to pass it up.  Then I heard Angela vocalize some of the above mentioned Tourettes.  She wanted to tell everyone we passed that the track lies since it is advertised as a 3 mile loop.  We had to go another .3 to get to six.  But I wanted her to hit six, and I know she wanted it too, because she just kept going.  And then we were at six, and I gave her a high five.  She rocked!!

So, I started off right.  And then I came home and had a protein shake and some bacon for lunch.  I was saving calories since my Dad was going to take us to have Mexican food for dinner.  I even did pretty well at dinner, only having one tortilla with my fajitas.  But then the celebration started.  With margaritas. 

With the margaritas came the playing of Just Dance 3 on the wii.  That was fun, but then we went outside with the neighbors and sat around while the kids played.  And then there were pomegranate martinis.  And another.  And another.  And then champagne.  So I kind of think that I may have doubled my calories for the day just with alcoholic beverages. 

But it was a great night, and I'm off to a good start today.  Eggs and sausage for breakfast, brussel spouts for lunch.  Lots of protein and little carbs.  We'll see if I can hold our for dinner.  There's an immediate goal on hand though, so I'll have to.