Thursday, December 1, 2011


Earlier this week, my friend Terrie said she would go running with me.  Today was the day.  And she is so awesome, she rode her bike the two miles to my house before the run.  We walked to the trail head, and decided to do 1:1 intervals since it has been a long time since she has run.  The weather was nice and cool, and we started out with a good pace.  I think I may have been a little slow for her, but we stayed together.  We ran the trail into the park and made the loop back to the house.  On the way back, she asked me if I liked running.  I do.  I like the after feeling.  I love when you have those runs where you find your groove and you just feel like you could just keep running. I love the feeling of accomplishment. 

While I was telling her this, I remembered that first 5K I did on the treadmill.  I would have never hit that button if Terrie hadn't mentioned using it for her walk the night before.  That night at the rec center is when something switched in me.  It was the night I met my goal and then realized I could keep going.  Suddenly, the desire to push past the fatigue paled in comparison to the desire to achieve more.  Everything changed in that moment for me.  And I know that if Terrie hadn't told me she did the 5K loop on the treadmill, I would not have had that moment.  So thank you, Terrie - for that inspiration and for running with me tonight.

We ran 1.6 miles and then had to come back so she could make the ride home before dark.  I decided I would go out for another couple miles, so off I go.  Unfortunately, my body had other plans, and I only made it 1/2 mile out before I had to turn around and walk home.  Slowly. 

I made it home.  Barely.

I just got an e-mail from Coach Ric reminding us to eat well tomorrow for our long run on Saturday.  I think I should start hydrating now.

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