Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Not From Hell Hike

After celebrating a nice quiet Christmas at home, the fam and I took off to Austin to visit my sister and her brood.    We had a nice and relaxing time.  We ate well, but not crazy; and we indulged in good wine and a spicy margarita.

Today, we took the kids and hit the trail for a post-lunch hike.  It is the same start as the hike from  hell that I have come to love to hate, but it veers off in another direction.  I was hoping to get some great pictures and enjoy my little one, but the kids took off, and basically I never really caught up. 

We passed lots of water, which was really nice because apparently the creeks have been dry all summer.  Now they were full and flowing, and we were accompanied by the wonderful sounds of water gliding over the rocks downstream.  There was some elevation changes, a little less than 200 feet worth I think, but enough to get the heart rate up.  I did manage to get a picture with my little one, but she was already tired and, in her words, "not happy!"

We got back to the car, and my warrior princess sister said she was going to walk up the first hill.  I would drive and meet her at the top.  My brother-in-law offered to drive if I wanted to join her, but I really didn't.  I really should have!  But I really didn't want to.  And I didn't.  So much for my WP title.  My not-so-happy little one did though, and she made it about half way up before she opted to get into the van and ride the rest of the way up to meet them at the top.  I was very proud of her.  She may have been tired, but she kept going and I thought did a great job on the hike.  I wish we had more of those types of nature hikes in our area, but I'm glad that we got out today before we had to head home. 

I think she'll sleep well tonight.

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