Saturday, December 17, 2011

Come on!

The good news first.  The past two Saturdays have had great runs.  The bad news: that's the only exercise I have really gotten in the past two weeks.

Good intentions don't always outweigh the actions themselves.  I even signed up for this challenge on to run 50 miles this month, but for two weeks I have not logged any weekly runs.  Bad Candi.  Bad, bad Candi!

Last Saturday, we were to run 8 mile repeats for a total of 10 miles.  As we started out, it was so cold and the wind was brutal.  The worst thing was my feet hurt.  I'm not sure why, but we ran the first warm up mile and then the cold wasn't so bad.  But the wind was.  Once we turned off of that first street, the wind really hit.  It was howling and blowing so hard, we couldn't help but laugh at how absurd it was.  Luckily we only had four miles to go before we could turn around and head back.  The repeats weren't bad, but they weren't great either.  Some of that was because the wind was pushing so hard against us, but another part was because we had eight of them to do, and I guess we were pacing ourselves.  The other reason I think is because we both missed our weekly runs.

Once we got to our turnaround point, it was a world of difference.  The wind was behind us, it was quieter, and more importantly, we were on our way toward a gas station for a potty break.  The problem came in when we lost count of our repeats. We got to the station at about mile 8.  So were we on repeat 7 or 6?  Neither one of us are confident enough with the Garmin to be willing to start pushing buttons and risk losing the data of the run, so we guessed.  And we guessed wrong.  Of course we didn't know this exactly until we downloaded the run, but we did do 7 of the 8 repeat miles.  The last portion of the route was about half a mile, and we just ran it in.  After the repeats, it felt good to just run at an easy pace.  Total distance for the day was 10.11 miles. Yea!

So cut to Monday.  Leslie, my fellow warrior princess, called me at work and we quickly walked a mile (in small heels) in our building.  Later that evening, I drove my little one and our neighbor to gymnastics, and then things got crazy when i got home.  So no run.  Tuesday, it was time to try to get some Christmas shopping done.  So no run.  Wednesday-hubby plays softball and little one has gymnastics.  So no run.  Thursday was the office Christmas party followed by my daughter coming home to get her wisdom teeth pulled.  So there was wine with dinner followed by pre-surgery margaritas.  So no run.  Friday, I am supposed to be off because of the long runs of Saturday.  So no run.

Which brings us to today.  Coach Ric has modified Kelly and my routine since our half marathon is not until February.  So rather than 9 miles, we were assigned seven.  The catch is we were to run this seven miles at our half marathon pace.  For us that is about a 14:45 minute pace.  We decided we would do 5:1's since we haven't done them in quite a while.  It was cold, and it seemed like the Garmin took forever to load the GPS so we could take off.  Kelly would take care of the intervals and I would time the laps. 

Once again, my feet started hurting; but it stopped after the first mile and a half.  During that time, while my body was still waking up, I questioned if the 5:1 was too ambitious.  But Kelly said she felt fine, so we just kept going.  We stopped at the gas station at about mile two.  As I left, I thanked the clerk, and he gave me a thumbs up and wished me good luck.  I thought that was nice.

 The first three miles were not at our half pace.  But by the fourth, we had kicked it up a notch, and the fifth mile was our best with a time of 14:15.  That was the best mile, and the rest of them were right a 15:00 give or take a few seconds.  We had one that was a little bit worse, but it was because we took an extra minute and stopped to get a water refill.  At one point, Kelly asked if i wanted to change the intervals, but at this point we had two miles left.  I said, let's just do it; and my numb legs just kept going.

Once we go to the final stretch, we ignored the beeps of the Garmin and just ran it in.  The final distance was 7.25 and our average pace was 15:00 exactly.  Not quite our half marathon pace, but close enough.  I was proud.  It was a good run, and I felt strong.  We were able to stay for some of the other group members to come in, and I met a woman named Sonya who had missed much of the season due to an injury.  She is back in action and already ran the San Antonio half.  Amazing.

I haven't gained any weight back, but I've been saying for a while now that I have to step up my game.  But it's not happening.  I know the new year is coming and it's the time of the  year where everyone makes their resolutions.  But come on!  I don't want to lose this time.  I also have my Road Runner miler shirt.  It is snug, and I need to make sure it fits better by February.  So there is no time to lose.  I'm off this next two weeks, so I intend to get to the gym and get some work done.

It's a busy time of year, but I cannot slack off.  Must! stay! focused!!!!

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