Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pause.....And Happy Thanksgiving!

So what's next?  The Warrior Dash is over, and we are making plans for the next one already.  I'm thinking we should get enough people to fill up an entire wave.

So in the interim...

Tuesday was the first day I had not been so sore that I couldn't sit on the potty without protests from the legs.  Monday night, I went ahead and went to Zumba.  What could it hurt?  I was sore, but staying still was just making me more stiff and that doesn't help.

So off to the rec center I went.  The muscles warmed up nicely, and I was forgot about the soreness.  Tuesday morning I felt much better.  So much better in fact, that I went to Zumba again.  Tuesday morning  classes are ones I don't get to indulge in often because I'm at work.  It's Renae's class, and it was ever so much fun.

Later, Angela called me and asked me to come over for a run.  So I did, and we headed over to Rice stadium where there is a three mile trail around the campus.  We would do 5:1's and we would stay at Angela's pace.  It was a nice, slow run; and it was Angela's first solid three miles.  She did great, and she even stepped it up in the last quarter mile.  Hopefully we'll get the chance to run together more often since we will have our race in February.

Which brings me to the next question.  What's next?

I'll continue to train.  I still have the two half marathons to run in February.  Then there is the Dirty Girl mud run in March.  I have enjoyed blogging me journey here, so I'll continue to do it for the next chapter.

I'll run.  I'll strength train.  And I'll Zumba as often as I can.  But truly, if there is anything I learned from the Warrior Dash it's that I cannot neglect the strength training.  I made it through, but I will be anxious to see what the difference is when I am stronger.

My friend Dianne bought me a 13.1 magnet.  She is so encouraging and thoughtful.  I told her I think I should run it again before I put it on the car just in case it was a fluke.  I don't really think it was, but I don't want to jinx it either.  The next long run is 14 miles, and that will be next Saturday.

I got up this morning and went for a run while the pumpkin pie was baking.  I got a full four miles in in just under an hour.  That should at least cover the pumpkin pie. 

So that's four work outs this week, and it's all been cardio.  Not too good for the strength training I'm supposed to be committing to.  But I can't say that I'm sorry that I've logged in 7 miles for the week so far.  That's much better than I have been doing with getting in my weekly runs. 

So Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there.  I hope you are having a fun and food filled and blessed day.  Cheers!

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