Saturday, November 12, 2011


I had a horrible night's sleep.  Horrible!  I was excited not to have worked the football game last night since I think that takes its toll on Saturday runs.  But I had bad dreams and just overall crappy sleep.  So when Kelly picked me up this morning, I got in the car and told her, "I don't want to be here!"  She didn't care.

So off we go to the professional building where we usually start our runs. Today would be 8 miles and we would vary our route just a little bit.  Diana was there, and she would be joining us.  I forgot my Garmin.  Kelly forgot her Garmin.  Luckily, Diana had hers.  She set it, and off we went.  Right away we fell into a good pace and the laughter started.  We were coming up to someone walking kind of strange on the side of the road, and I joked that it was a serial killer.  Turns out Diana watched scary movies with her daughter the night before, so I tortured her with as many scary scenarios as I could.  Turns out, he wasn't a disfigured monster or anything else.  Just some random guy putting out garage sale signs. 

The first half of the run seemed to go by pretty quickly.  I felt pretty good, but it was definitely not quite as good as the last run.  But the weather was great and so was the company.  We came to a point where the wind was stronger and Kelly pointed out the sunrise.  There were lots of clouds and the sun was sandwiched in between them.  It illuminated everything around it and the rays were stretching out behind the clouds.  It was beautiful. 

We got to our water stop, but there was no water.  That was disappointing, but we stopped to stretch for a minute anyway.  Then we kept going, and I wondered if Diana would cut out when we passed her neighborhood since she kind of struggled with the six miles from two weeks ago.  But she didn't, and we rounded the next corner.  We were at 6.5 miles when I felt like she started to struggle a little bit.  Kelly was feeling really good, and I was okay. 

We got to 7.3, and Diana said, "Hey guys, I am going to have to walk."  But she was so close.  I told her she could make it to eight.  Slow her pace; I would slow down with her.  Kelly came behind us, and we told her we would go at her pace.  And she did.  She ran two minutes at a time.  I said things out loud.  "Coach Dan said it's not supposed to be easy.  We can do this."  I said lots of things, not not only for her benefit, but for mine as well.  I was struggling more than I had the week before. 

We got to eight, and she kept going.  And we were all laughing again.  We ran, and Diana even sped up a bit.  We made it all the way back.  8.23 miles.  We did it.  She did it!  And she finished strong.  We cooled down and stretched.  Then we saw Michelle coming.  She wanted to be sure she caught us to congratulate us on our 13.5 last week.  I thought that was awesome! 

We'll miss everyone next week as it will be WARRIOR DASH DAY!!!  Wow!  Still in shock over that one.  Last night, I felt a little more confident about the wall, but this morning the fear and intimidation is back.  I figure I'll stress about it all week and hope that it works in my favor.  It's worked in the past.

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