Tuesday, November 1, 2011

18 Days!

18 days until the Warrior Dash!

I can hardly believe it's so close!  And I have totally fallen off the building-my-upper-body-strength wagon!

I was thinking I should start doing push ups or side planks or something to build up my arms.  But instead, I went for a run. 

Yesterday was Halloween, so there was no exercise; there was only the walking of the block for trick or treating with my black kitty cat and our neighbors.  It was also my oldest's birthday, and she was turning 21!  (Happy birthday, sweetie!) I was totally fine with her turning 21, by the way.  I've been preparing for a while, you know.  I was just great until I was in the car and listening to 10,000 Maniacs singing These Are Days and all of a sudden I couldn't stop crying.  And then it was like that all day.  Just sporadic tears of joy and pride.   I love Halloween and my daughter's birthday and the trick or treating with my family, but I couldn't have used a run to work out all those emotions I encountered all at once. 

I took my shoes back to my chiropractor who deemed my shoes in good shape.  That made me happy, so after working on math facts for half an hour or so, I put them on and put them to work.  The legs were still fighting me a little, but I just pushed past it.  I decided to run the distance and not do intervals this time.  I've gotten spoiled with those breaks.  But I didn't wear my belt, so I didn't even have the excuse of stopping for water.  But it was good.  The weather is nice right now, so as the sun was setting I stayed cool and didn't really start getting thirsty until after the first mile. 

My pace was 14:20, and it makes me wonder how people can be so fast.  

Now, it's 18 days til the race that started this crazy journey for me!  I have to focus on the important things now.  There is no more time to waste.  So the important question is:

What am I going to wear????????

I re-mapped this run on mapmyrun.com.  It turns out, my GPS on the phone is still not completely accurate which I would have noticed if I had looked at the map.  This was a 2.11 mile run with a pace of 13:51!  I still wonder how people can be so fast, but I am happy to know that I made it to a pace under 14:00 and I wasn't dying because of it!  =)

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