Tuesday, October 4, 2011

That Time of Year

I love this time of year.  After a whole month of temperatures that are surely close to hell, it is nice to have this reprieve.  Today, as I was sitting outside with the little one, it was 89 degrees.  Ahhh, lovely....

I got my husband to take my place, and I suited up and hit the road. I forgot to charge the Garmin, which was bad; but my phone was charged, which was good.  Well..sort of good.  The GPS is still messed up, but at least I would have a timer. 

Apparently, I'm not the only one loving the weather.  Usually I don't have to share the trail until I get closer to the park, but today there were three other people that I saw after starting at the trail head.  Once I got to the park, there were lots of people.  Running, walking, and walking with pets.  It was beautiful out, and we were all going to enjoy it.

I felt still that I was slower on the gravel, but when the Nike + GPS told me I had only run 1 mile at 17 minutes per mile, I knew it wasn't quite that bad. So I kept going, and I ran into the park.   After the first mile, I guess I was warmed up a little bit because my stride just felt better.  I also realized that I hadn't been stopping for my intervals, but I think that's okay.  Some of the runners in the club say that they don't start the intervals for the first thirty minutes, and really it felt good to just run and see that I haven't lost that ability. I just ran and around the second mile, I could tell that my pace was better.  I felt strong and able. 

The sun was going down and it started to get dark on my last half mile.  It was so nice out, I was sad that the run had to end.  I would have never thought that my 5K neighborhood route would turn out to be my "short run." I finished with a 14:47 pace.  Not too bad, but this is a lesson to keep the Garmin charged.  I would be able to see how fast those last two miles were if I had.

Oh well, it was a good run.  It is going to be much easier getting those weekday runs in with weather like this.  I love it!

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