Saturday, October 8, 2011

Repeat of the Repeats

Our school district has four more games this season.  Thank goodness, because working them and then having our Saturday runs the next morning is starting to take it's toll. 

I had woken up late last week, and I was paranoid about it happening again.  I checked my phone like 20 times before I went to sleep, but the night was still filled with me waking up in a panic and checking the time.  I didn't want to be late again.  And this time I couldn't be.  We would have company on our run this morning as a fellow group runner was going to join us.  However, she would be meeting us on our route and not at the beginning.  So it was important that we be there to meet her when we said we would be.

We were doing the mile repeats again, but this time there would be four of them.  The first mile was slow as Kelly and I tried to wake up and get into a groove.  And it wasn't because coach told us to run that slow, we were just slow.  It was just our warm up mile, and I hoped we would get warmed up before the repeats started.  We had the same 4 minute walk breaks in between each mile, so I tried to psych myself out for what was ahead.  We started the first, and it did get better.  Our average pace for the first mile repeat was 15:27.  Not quite our 1/2 marathon pace, but faster than our full marathon pace. 

Dianna did meet us right as we were finishing up that mile and joined us for the next two mile repeats.  The next mile was a little slower, but we all had a pretty good rhythm going by now.  As we finished up the next mile, Dianna was ready to stop at her neighborhood where she joined us.  She had completed two of the mile repeats with us and she did great!  Even more awesome than that was realizing that she has been walking her miles mostly.  We offered to slow down a bit, but she was done and I hope happy with her progress.  She really did great!

Our next two mile repeats were back around 15:29.  All was great until we passed a horrible gas smell.  We noticed it last week, but today it was worse.  I think Kelly was going to call it in to the gas company, because it stank.  Then we passed a buzzing light pole.  That didn't sound good.  Then, after we had just talked about all the lovely bird sounds that we had been hearing, we heard these birds that I swear were laughing at us.  That's what it sounded like.  They were laughing at us.  If I get my creative juices flowing, I'm sure there's a scary movie in there somewhere.

We started feeling really good ( that the run is almost over) so we decided to just run in the last segment.  It was about 6/10 of a mile.  We ran it in at a pace of 14:05.  It felt really great!

Most of the group is running in a 10-miler race tomorrow, so there were very few of us running this morning.  We were first today, but only because we started early and (as I mentioned) most others were not there.  Coach Dan ran in shortly after us.  He had run the mile from his home to the building where we meet so he could meet us at the finish line.  After talking with us for a few minutes, we saw Tom running in by himself and shortly thereafter the other group of awesome women was coming in.  We hollered at them and cheered them in.  It was fun being on that cheering-squad side of it, although having the team cheer you on in is fun, too!

They're all rock stars!  And I wish the runners the best of luck in tomorrow's 10-Miler.

I signed me and the little one up today for the Houston Texan's Running of the Bulls. I'll be running the 5K and she'll be doing the Kid's Toro 1K.  I hope she loves it!

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