Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Not so Easy Breezy

Oh, how I love the fall!  The high today was 74 degrees, and there was a breeze.  It was actually a little chilly just standing around outside.  It was starting to get a little late, so I went to get dressed to get a run in.

I couldn't find my pants.  So I put on my spin shorts.  Weird, but it would work.

Then I couldn't find my socks.  My favorite pair of running socks are ruined because my husband, trying to be helpful, melted them with the blow dryer trying to dry them for me on Sunday.  But I have other socks that I can wear, but they are nowhere to be found.

Not that it's about fashion, but there I was in the turquoise shirt I hate, pink cotton socks, and spin shorts.  At least I had my Brooks, which still had the D-Tag on it from Sunday's race.  I was totally stylin'!!

I started off on the trail, and there is always a nice breeze back there, but today it was gust.  I had never really had to run really hard against the wind before so it was a good challenge.  As the first half mile passed, I was looking forward to getting on the other side of the breeze.  But that didn't happen.  I got to a part of the trail where the breeze wasn't so hard and in some spots disappeared all together.

That would have been fine, but then I reentered the wind, and I was still on the wrong side of it.  I figured eventually I would be on the downwind.

But no!  I don't understand how I could be running against the wind in every single direction I ran.  And it was beating me up!  Pushing me back, pushing me to the side, slowing me down. 

Regardless, I enjoyed it.  The wind kept me cool and it felt kind of like an obstacle.  It was fun.  Once I got within the last 1/3 of a mile, I pushed it.  I ran the last section at 12:48.  Woo Hoo!

Although I had that nice little fast jaunt, I think the wind slowed down my overall pace.  I felt like I was faster than what the Garmin shows.  Not that I am so far beyond a 15 minute pace; it's still my average for training runs, but I just felt like I was using a lot of energy. The whole run was three miles and took me a full 45 minutes. 

I blame the wind.

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