Sunday, October 2, 2011

Late Waker for the 10

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I set my phone alarm for 4:15.  The day's run would start at 5:08, and I told Grace Kelly that we should start on time, if not early, since we are always the last group in. She agreed.  So imagine my shock and horror when I wake up from a dream in a panic, check my phone, and it is 5:04!  I jumped up out of bed, grabbed my clothes and started to run downstairs when I received a text that Kelly was already there.


I don't think I ever got ready so quickly. We ended up not starting our run until 5:30, and Kelly was very gracious about it.  I guess the good thing about all the chaos is that I didn't have the opportunity to freak out about having to run 10 miles.  We just started running.  As usual, we talked about the previous night's events, and that always seems to cover the first two or three miles.  We did not run into sprinklers this morning, but the weather was beautiful!  It was nice and cool, not humid at all, and we didn't even have any unusual and foul odors that we seem to encounter quite often. 

Earlier this week, the coach sent an e-mail out on nutrition and gave us tips for keeping our sugar levels in check during these long runs.  After reading it, I asked him what constitutes a long run and if I should be considering using things like jelly beans and drinks.  What I actually wrote in my e-mail is "should I be using Kelly beans and drunks?"  He is quite funny and told me he had no idea what Kelly beans are and as a rule I should stay away from drunks.  I think this is why you are supposed to proofread before you hit send. 

By using little amounts of candy and electrolyte drinks, I should be able to avoid that incredibly sleepy feeling that I have been experiencing on Saturdays.  Apparently, my sugar is dropping too low and creating this effect. So for the day, I split up a Nuun tablet to accommodate the running bottles, and my pouch contained skittles.  As per his advice, I started eating a couple of skittles every so often around mile three.  Before you know it, we're at mile 4.5 hitting the water station.  I used it to put a Nuun tablet in one of my bottles, and I alternated drinking that and regular water. 

Everything was going pretty well until we hit 7 1/2 miles .  Then it just seemed like we still had so far to go.  It was about this time that the other groups started passing us, too.  I think that was discouraging only because if we had started on time, we would be coming in around the same time as everyone else.  Now we would be last again; and it shouldn't bother me, but it did. 

Around mile 9, I told Kelly, "I am battling this!"  She said she was too, and said she just kept thinking encouraging things.  We kept going.  But I couldn't stop thinking about how long this last street was, and I knew we had another mile to go. Then as if an answer to my prayer, the last corner appeared into our view.  We were almost there.  We got closer, and I could see Coach Ric and a fellow runner Tina by the driveway.  Michelle was there, too and when they saw us they started cheering us on, and yelling at us to sprint it in.  And we did.  Our pace for that lap was 12:33.

Coach said, "You just completed your first 10-miler!" and I just smiled!  We talked to Tina for a little while before heading home.  She asked if I ever thought I'd be running 10 miles.  To be honest, I never thought I would get past the 3.5 that was my record when the club started.

I had my chocolate milk ready and ice cold for my drive home.  I hadn't enjoyed chocolate milk in I can't even tell you how many years; but as I drove home, I was loving every drop.  Then all of a sudden, tears were rolling down my face; and I was crying as I drank my chocolate milk.  I just ran 10 miles!  It was sinking in.  I ran 10 miles!  As hard as that last mile was, now I was on top of the world!  And then I looked at the clock, and I realized Zumba was starting in 10 minutes, and I wanted to go.  I knew I couldn't though because we were going to see my daughter in San Marcos, and we had to get ready.  But that's how good I felt.  I felt like I could tackle another hour-long workout.

Coach Ric's suggestions were right on, too; which should come as no surprise since the man totally rocks!  I didn't feel sleepy like I have been.  I made the three hour drive without falling asleep, and I made it through all the fun of the day feeling like a champ. 

There are lots of renovations going on with the football stadium at Texas State.  The short story to that is that we had no where to park, and we had quite a walk ahead of us to get to and from the football stadium.  We had a tailgate with the other Strutter parents with lots of wonderful brisket and sausage, and I did indulge in some potato salad since I figured some carbs would be okay at this point.  Plus you have to give me an additional two miles of walking by the time it was all said and done. 

And I didn't have any cake.

The football game was great!  The Bobcats beat Nicholls and the Strutters rocked the half time show.  As an added bonus, the little one took a picture with Boko.

She did get a little antsy after half time, so I took her walking around.  We ended up on the side of the stadium where there was a large grassy hill.  You see above that she is in a dress, and she was wearing her little Jessica Simpson slip ons.  Rather than rolling down the hill, my future marathoner ran up and down the hill several times.  In her dress and her flats.  I watched her and thought I should join her.  But I didn't.  =)

We got to see my oldest after the game as we took her out to dinner.  We were still full from the tailgate, but she had to have been starving.  We got this picture before she changed for dinner.
I love my girls!
So all in all, I have to say it was a stellar day!  Kelly and I ran that 10 miles in 2 1/2 hours.  In two weeks, we'll add another mile.  In addition to having my skittles or jelly beans, I'm going to follow the coach's nutrition plan for the night before.  I'll be prepared for battle if the negative thoughts come back.

And I'll wake up on time! 

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