Saturday, October 29, 2011

Girl Time

I went to the chiropractor again on Thursday, and she worked on my legs for at least an hour.  She worked and worked and worked on getting all the knots out of my legs but they just weren't budging.  And I am worn and tired.  Almost defeated.  I didn't get a run in that night or even Zumba because I was in and out of sleep from 6:00 on. 

I think my body is rebelling and insisting on rest.  I got almost 11 hours of sleep and I still woke up feeling awful.  Finally around 1:30 in the afternoon, I felt my legs loosen and I started to feel better.

But rest is what was on my mind this morning at 4:30 am when my alarm was going off.  Coach said I could take a few days off.  I could jack up my legs again if I push myself too hard.  And what is this burning pulses I feel in my legs every so often?

I forced myself to get out of bed and get dressed.  I was fighting with myself that I needed this run.  When I met Kelly, she said, "I do not want to be here!"  Then Diana met us and she said she didn't want to get out of bed.  And by the way, it's like 46 degrees out.  It's unanimous.  No one wants to run.  But we do.

Coach met us first thing this morning to see us off, and off we go.  We had a warm up mile, and my legs were not protesting too much, but the run was shaky and slow.  Then we had our first mile repeat, which was worse than that awful warm up mile.  This whole time and half way into our second mile repeat, I am battling; fighting for my running life in my head.

I kept hearing, "You can stop.  You should stop.  You are hurting your legs.  You've done two miles, but you should go back."  Honestly, I couldn't get these negative thoughts out of my head.  I said a quick prayer.  I reminded myself what I have set out to do.  I remembered it's not supposed to be easy. 

And then the voices stopped.  And I found my groove.  And I felt good.

Then it was fun.  We did our repeats and talked and enjoyed the weather.  We laughed and complained and encouraged each other as we went on.  It was like girl time, but instead of having coffee, we were running. 

We increased our speed with every repeat.  Diana, who has not really been running, was keeping up great.  She was tired, but I told her she was doing an amazing job; she was going to do this.  We had 1/2 a mile to go, and we were going to just do a light run in.  We were in the home stretch, and it was great!  She slowed down when she needed to, and I slowed down with her.  We kept it going until we reached our parking lot.  6.5 miles!


That is until I realized that we were supposed to do six mile repeats, and we only did four.

We were cheaters!  No wonder we made it in before everyone else.  =D  I didn't actually realize this until about five hours later.  So the feeling of victory prevailed for a while.

And it was a victory.  I have been feeling kind of down and doubting myself a lot these past couple of week.  It would have been easy to let myself stay in bed under the ruse that I needed the rest.  But all three of us beat that feeling, and we all felt great after.  And I won my personal battle.  I know there will be more battles coming.  I know I still have training to do.  But with my girl time on Saturday mornings, I say bring it on!

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