Saturday, October 22, 2011

Death of a Running Shoe

I hear the bells tolling.  I am afraid the life of my running shoes is coming to an end. Earlier this week I noticed the sides kind of being worn. Not on the bottom, but on the sides.  I do put a lot of pressure on the sides of my feet.  I always have.  I mentioned it to Kelly, and she could see what I was talking about.  But it wasn't until this morning that I put it all together. 

My legs are hurting.  My shins have not bothered me in a long time; not since I got my Brooks.  But they hurt this week.  As we met this morning to do our magic mile, I mentioned to coach about the pain, and he suggested I not run for the magic mile.  But Diana was there, and there was no one else close to her pace to run with her.  I told coach I would run with her and just not despair if I didn't beat my time.  I told Diana that my legs were hurting and immediately she said, "Oh no!  Do you think it's your shoes"  Well I didn't but now I'm wondering.

We lined up for our magic mile.  Diana stayed with me for most of the first quarter of a mile.  My pace for the first half mile was great, and I was under a 12 minute pace.  I slowed down for a second and then the pain kind of got in the way.  I kept going, but my walking break slowed me down way too much, and I didn't beat my magic mile time.  I was 20 seconds worse, in fact.  But, I can't be too sad. I told coach I would run and not be upset if I didn't beat my time.  The awesome news is that Diana improved an entire minute and then some on her magic mile.  And this was after her tumble on the sidewalk last week!  So way to go Diana, and I'm happy I could be there to run with you for this awesome accomplishment!

I came home right after that.  I got out a massager and massaged my legs a bit before heading off to Zumba.  I got a different pair of sneakers since I didn't want to wear my running shoes again for the class.  I met Tiffany there, and I guaranteed she would love Renae.  And she did.  You just can't help but love her!  I got a much better workout than Thursday, probably because I think the massage helped the legs a bit.  

I think I'll use it again tonight, and hopefully I can get my miles in in the morning.

And I hope there's still some life in my shoes.  I got the most wonderful compliment from my friend Ruth yesterday.  While I was working the game, she told me I was her inspiration when she went running and wanted to stop.  She thought of me and told herself she could do it!  =)

28 days til Warrior Dash!  Woo Hoo!

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